The National Maritime Museum hosted an important meeting of Young Leaders for the Sea

Valparaiso. On the morning of Monday, October 23, a workshop on “Young Leaders for the Sea” was held at the National Maritime Museum (MMN), which was part of the agenda of the 2023 Blue Action Festival. The Valparaíso Region and its mission seek to reconnect citizens with the sea through science, technology and culture to reaffirm Chile as a maritime nation.

Created by the Acción Azul Foundation in collaboration with the University of Federico Santa Maria, the meeting promotes leadership among young people through meetings, the provision of tools, the exhibition of reference projects and the promotion of long-term alliances among new generations. For its efforts, the National Maritime Museum conducted a workshop on Antarctica, where various features related to the white continent were developed.

Thus, during the meeting, the youth attended a presentation by three key panel members, among them; Nomi Zamora, Political Scientist and Master of International Studies, spoke on “Governance in Antarctica”; Captain Lars Christian, Chief of the Antarctic Division of the Chilean Navy, with the theme “Chile and Antarctica”; and Marine Biologist, Marine Science and Environmental Quality, Marine Science, Management of the Marine Environment, Paula Celis, MD, Marine Science, cited in “Climate Change and Antarctic Algae.”

The workshop ended with the young people visiting the Antarctic room, where they were welcomed by the head of the museum’s museum department, Marco Fernández, who told them about the feat of aviator Luis Pardo in 1916. Members of English explorer Ernest Shackleton’s expedition, as well as marine biodiversity, conservation of marine ecosystems and how climate change has affected this icy region at the end of the world.

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Regarding MMN’s participation in the “Young Leaders” workshop, its director, Rear Admiral (R.) Andrés Rodrigo, pointed out that “as the National Maritime Museum, we do not hesitate to fully support the “Blue Action” initiative. Share the desire to connect Chile closer to the ocean, which is a It represents not only the natural space that provides our sustainable development as a country, but is essential for human life on the planet. In this context, working with young people, recognizing their leadership and skills, empowering them and giving them tools to inspire new generations, such as the importance of the ocean or the impact of climate change on marine ecosystems. We share and respect.”

For his part, Gonzalo Laso, founder and CEO of Axion Azul added, “We firmly believe that the youth of today are the leaders of the future. In the energy and vitality of the new generations, we see a powerful engine of change from which to move us closer to a sustainable and maritime nation.” can be encouraged.

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