The Nobel Prize in Economics presents a lecture at the FIED Forum

2019 Nobel Laureate in Economics, Michael Kremer, delivered the keynote lecture “Experiment, Innovation, Economics” at the opening ceremony of the first International Development Evaluation Forum organized by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development. 20 of this month.

Kremer positively assesses that the Dominican government is interested in rigorously evaluating the impact of public policies, seeking scientific data, as it guarantees the improvement of people’s quality of life.

An evaluation expert who received recognition from the Dominican government for his outstanding work, he is currently the director of The Development Innovation Lab (DIL) at the University of Chicago.

In his briefing, the prominent economist mentioned his cooperation with the government of the Dominican Republic. Impact assessment initiatives supported by the Ministry of Economy, Planning and Development include the Opportunity 14-24 programs, English Immersion for Competitiveness, and the Robotics Program.

He also spoke about the importance of government innovation units. “Innovations are being developed and tested within governments in collaboration with researchers,” Kremer said during his briefing in the UASD auditorium.

Dr. Creamer pointed out the mission of the Government Innovation Units: to speed up the government innovation process, improve government efficiency by allocating resources. In this regard, Creamer cited the examples of Chile, Peru, the United States, the United Kingdom and India.

At the event at the Aula Magna of the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo, the Minister of Economy, Planning and Development, Pavel Isa Contreras, was at the table of honor with Dr. Creamer; The case of the Deputy Minister of Planning and Public Investment, Luis Madera; The Vice Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies of the Higher Education House, Radhames Silverio, represents the Rector, Edirutis Beltrán and the Deputy Minister of Technical and Pedagogical Affairs of the Ministry of Education, Ansel Schaker.

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“At this international development assessment forum, we have the opportunity to share knowledge, experiences and best practices. This will allow us to strengthen our capacities and collaborate in building more just and prosperous societies,” said Minister Issa Contreras.

In this framework, “I am honored to have Dr. Michael Kremer present tonight, who will provide guidance on this broad path of decision-making through his work and experience in the field of evaluation. Evidence.”

Dr. Isa Contreras said there was a very precious coincidence with Kremer and his team, who, from their first approach to the country, found a common element of goals and interests. “In this way, there is a synergy between what we have already proposed with the National Monitoring and Evaluation System (coordinated by the Ministry of Economy) and the Development Innovation Laboratory,” the minister pointed out.

UAST’s Vice Rector for Research and Postgraduate Studies, Radhames Silverio, in his welcome remarks, expressed the Academy’s commitment to these activities to strengthen capacities. Deputy Minister Madera Sued shared a profile of the Nobel laureate, highlighting her work on drinking water and vaccines. He highlighted Kremer and his team’s support with the Dominican Republic, based on the 14/24 opportunity, competitiveness through English, and assessment for robotics programs.

In this first official visit to the country, Kremer will participate in FIED 2023 with his academic team from the University of Chicago, through which the Ministry of Economy strengthens the National Monitoring and Evaluation System (SNMyE), while showcasing initiatives and developments. The current government of the Dominican Republic is in a position to evaluate public policies.

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As part of his agenda in the country, last Tuesday night President Luis Abinader welcomed the prominent economist, along with Economy Minister Isa Contreras; The case of the Deputy Minister of Planning and Public Investment, Luis Madera; and Mabely Díaz, the person responsible for monitoring and evaluation. Economist and academic Pedro Silvero participated in the meeting.

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