The Peruvian Ministry of Foreign Affairs clarifies to the Bolivian embassy that its ambassador Lydia Patty Mullissaca cannot carry out activities in Puno | Ministry of External Affairs | Cecilia Gervasi | Peru

During a regular session before the Commission on Foreign Relations Congress of the RepublicPrincipal Cecilia Gervasi Noted that a note was submitted to Embassy of Bolivia Lydia Patty Mullisaga was appointed as Bolivia’s new ambassador Abundant.

It is known that the lady entered on May 31 and she remains in our country till date. Although there is no provision in Vienna Conference Both States are parties to the Consular Relations Act, 1963, which prohibits the visit of a person designated as head of a consular office, The said treaty contemplates that the sending state shall notify the receiving state of its arrival.R”said the minister.

In this way, he added There is evidence that the person performed consular duties June 1Hence, the President’s House was informed Bolivian Embassy in Peru, By reference of June 6, it The official said he was unable to carry out diplomatic duties because he was not authorized by the Peruvian government due to non-regular documentary procedures (Accomplished)

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“This is a violation of the provisions of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1963. For this reason, it Bolivia’s consular representative should be summoned to our country and withdrawn as Peru does not accept the post.”, He said.

Regarding the entry of other countries into the CPTPP

When the minister asked about the status of the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership, the demands notwithstanding China, Taiwan, Costa Rica, Ecuador and UkraineThese decisions are handled by all members.

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“(These requests) are conducted according to a special committee where Peru participates and a unanimous decision of the members is required. The process has been prioritized by members at this time United Kingdomwill be completed soon with the support of Peru, revealed recently”, said.

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Social conflicts in Peru

Likewise, the Minister of Foreign Affairs also spoke about the views expressed by the international community in the context of the protests and social conflicts in Peru.

“The international community is very clear December 7 There was a coup by the former president Pedro Castillo. There was an absolute constitutional succession leading to the presidency In Boluarte to assume the presidency. Full knowledge of the human rights situation in Peru, and The international community recognizes that Peru has made every effort and has shown a willingness to open up to these organizations”, counted.

He added that Case investigationAn autonomous agency is working on this problem, which is why they should be allowed to do their work to publish their findings. Authorized person. was also invited IACHR and to know the situation in the country from the High Commissioner.

“The international community is fully aware and well aware of what happened on December 7. No matter how much the two presidents want to distort reality, What happened is well known, but as we have already said, They wanted to recognize their ideological ties to reality and a complete constitutional change”, Gervasi concluded.

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Passport delay

When inquired by the commission about the delay in issuance of passports, he said decentralization of issuance of passports cannot be reversed due to international agreement. European unionAs part of the agreements Show Schengen.

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“An agreement was reached on the features, security etc. to be in the passport. This prompts us to centralize printing as a guarantee and security measure required by the European Union. Our model does not allow for a passport issuing center at every consulate, as is the case in other countries,” he said. Minister pointed out.

Finally, the Ministry of External Affairs said it is working on a digital system so that users can access their documents without the need to be present in person whenever their presence is not required in institutions.

Similarly, he added that the system Facial recognition is already available in 53 embassies In the country for DNI procedures, for example, this is a process that involves employee training.

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