The Peruvian team came to America without Renato Tapia to play in the Copa America game

The Peruvian team came to America without Renato Tapia to play in the Copa America  game

The US arrived without Renato Tapia after the Peruvian team made the decision to stay in the US. Led by Jorge Fossati of Uruguay, the members of the red and white team were greeted by a boy; Buto is a group of passionate fans.

Upon arrival in Philadelphia The chosen ones They received encouragement from a group of fans, and some were encouraged to speak to America Deportes about the absence of Renato Tapia, expressing their hope in reaching a solution to the situation.

For his part, Professor George Fossati has not announced anything about the ‘Captain of the Future’ case, explaining that he will speak at an upcoming conference.

Team Peru He is in Philadelphia to face his last preparation match before the Copa America. The match will take place this Friday against El Salvador at Subaru Park.

Renato Tapia did not travel with Peru

Edison Flores and the Peruvian delegation arrived in Philadelphia. (Photo: La Baicolor)

u to America

Renato Tapia did not travel from the Peruvian team to the United States with the rest of his teammates, fearing injury as a free agent and the FPF not insuring him.

Midfielder who ended his contract with Vigo’s CelticA ‘free player’ and his concern was that he was injured and unable to cover the costs, a situation in which he complained to the FPF and the president promised to resolve the issue after the match with Paraguay.

Renato Tapia commented that he had given the Peruvian Football Federation a firm deadline, which ended today. Unable to find a definitive answer, he decided to abandon his teammates and not be part of the Peruvian delegation for the Copa America 2024 adventure.

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