The role of new technology in armed conflicts

Technological advances perpetuate all aspects of our lives and, of course, have an impact on military conflicts as well. Science and engineering provide new innovations that have historically been used by nations for the war industry. As these technologies are used on the battlefield, training accelerates the advancement and advancement of these technologies, and this is how many technologies in our lives today began.

The technology that can be used in warfare in the current era is of unimaginable dimensions. Today, in the field of communications and engineering, there are new technologies such as the Internet, artificial intelligence, and autonomous vehicles such as drones that play an important role in how each actor involved in a conflict can use their resources.
The objective is to advance their war strategy.

However, the biggest difference is occupied by technologies that can be used in the field such as drones in current conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war, and this is not only an ethical aspect, but also creates a great deal of controversy and debate. their use. , but in how to design a way to wage a war.

The way the use of drones mainly upsets the military balance, by providing much cheaper access to tactical aircraft and precision weapons on a limited military capability or budget, they can use the strategy of the Achaeans on the Trojan. War, to surprise the enemy and to counter the military superiority and standing army that some countries have.

As conflicts such as the Russia-Ukraine war continue, concerns about the use of autonomous technologies will increase, creating an urgent need to regulate warfare using new technologies to prevent escalation of conflicts and major collateral damage to human lives.

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By Sofia Pacheco

Affiliate of COMEXI Youth Program


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