The school operates e-Sports rooms equipped with ViewSonic technology

The institution took the opportunity to update the projection equipment and set up a work room for its teachers

He Anglo Spanish SchoolIn Durango State, its computer classroom is a Electronic game room To develop skills among students.

The technology used is from the technology manufacturer Viewsonicand supervised implementation Hector ArrolaDeputy Director of Education Institute.

The author explained that the initiative to operate an e-playroom arose out of the challenge to continuously innovate their facilities and provide their students with the best tools to prepare them for current professional challenges.

Arreola saw the opportunity to create a video game room that creates hands-on activities, as well as various digital skills such as programming that allow students to acquire knowledge as they age.

This technology was used

There are eleven in the Anglo School e-Sports room The XG240R monitors de ViewSonicIt promises a 144Hz refresh rate, as well as AMD FreeSync technology to eliminate eye strain and screen flagging.

It promises a smooth gaming experience during fast-paced action scenes.

Apart from this, we will try to develop students’ critical and logical mathematical thinking.

“The student has the clarity to see what a programming outline looks like, the steps to follow, and expand their thinking and decision-making with a different approach,” he explained.

Also, for the Deputy Director, the use of technology is essential for students, regardless of the major or career they choose; And the Internet of Things, e-learning, big data and cyber security are perceived trends in many fields of activity.

Strengthen implementation by participating in competitions

The institute also announced that the school will control e-sports based activities and strengthen the practical training of students in participating in tournaments and competitions in a regulated manner.

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Additionally, as their classroom projection equipment reached the end of its lifespan, they upgraded the equipment and purchased six ViewSonic PS600W projectors.

A workroom was also equipped for teachers to prepare their classes with the most innovative technological tools, including the IFP6550, which was installed with the full myViewBoard platform.

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