The story of the cannibal rabbits of Valladolid, and the curious reason why they go mad

The story of the cannibal rabbits of Valladolid, and the curious reason why they go mad

A farm full of these animals confirms that the cause of the madness is a new wind farm.

Two rabbits are fighting in an AI-generated image. Bing image creator

They are adorable animals and some heads observe irrational and violent behavior in the species Rabbits. This species is on the list of animals that have traveled in space, in addition, they fall under the Animal Welfare Act, therefore, they are animals that you can keep at home. However, A Valladolid Farm Checks how Nature and man son Inappropriate In some cases.

Anxiety isn’t necessarily a human disease, as these rabbits prove

As you listen and watch in the video that we show you below these lines,​​​​ Rabbits Grown on a farm in the city of Valverde de Campos Show behavioral problems And everything nearby Wind turbine installation By company Naturgy. It was the Peasants’ Union of Castilla y León that resulted in the opening of gigantic mills, the DMK. Rabbit population The farm was found halvedFrom production of 320,000 copies to 166,000.

Nacho Del CampoThe owner of the farm ‘El Potosi’, confirms That Installation close’Produces sterilityType Death and changes in behavior cannibalism‘. Additionally, since it affects your business reliably, Collaboration What:

If they want to continue to produce, they give me what they need to produce or set up a farm somewhere else, which today is two and a half million, we can clearly understand.

It looks like it EthicsSince last September, Wind turbines are needed There are more than 500 meters from any type of facility Inhabited and in this case enormous natural features are located at 179 and 330 meters respectively. The Company Energy ensures that Compliance with regulations is in force and has the approval of competent authorities.

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However, they claim it They are working to implement noise reduction measures It does best to coexist with the area and neighboring animals to avoid bleeding between their specimens.


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