The Technology Development Program has already trained more than 2,500 secondary students –

The program, which offers free courses to provide technical tools and job skills, grew exponentially in two years. On-site and virtual offering to reach all corners of the province.

Mendoza Futura was born from the joint effort of the Ministry of Economy and Energy, the General Directorate of Schools, the National University of Quito, the National University of Technology and 18 municipalities of the province.

What is it about?

This 21st century skills development program is specifically designed for youth between the ages of 15 and 18, providing spaces for innovation, research and technology development at various EduRed points across the province. It is a federal initiative involving all sectors of Mendoza and seeks to promote and develop technical and innovative skills among the youth.

Future Mendoza It is presented as a solid response to the current demands of the society by preparing the youth to face the challenges of the world of work. With a focus on programming, electronics and biotechnology, the program places a strong emphasis on creativity, innovation and the development of social skills and critical thinking.

Future Mendoza in numbers

Since its launch in 2021, the Mendoza Futura project has reached remarkable figures. Over a four-year period, more than 2,500 youth from all departments of the province participated in this alternative program. Today, more than 1,200 students between the ages of 15 and 18 are trained in 21st century skills in their final years of secondary education. In addition, the program is supported by 180 highly trained facilitators.

With its three main modules: Programming, Electronics and Biotechnology and three additional clubs: Social Skills-Inquiry, Creativity-Innovation and Entrepreneurship-Financial Education, Mendoza Futura offers a comprehensive and diversified approach to developing the skills and abilities of young people from Mendoza. .

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Future Mendoza It has become a beacon of opportunity for Mendoza’s youth, preparing them for an ever-evolving future. With a focus on technology, innovation and capacity building, this pioneering project is leading to a cutting-edge Mendoza.

Duration, Methods and Stages of the Programme

The scheme is not limited to technical training, but is part of a wider context of laws to promote technological investment, knowledge economy and the audiovisual sector. Achieving the success of Mendoza Futura requires coordination between the provincial government, municipalities and the private sector.

The project is running in different phases over 4 years from 2021 to 2024. Each of the four training levels lasts for four months and includes various activities like programming labs, electronics, biotech, soft skills clubs, programs etc. , hackathons and product and prototype shows at the end of each cycle.

Workshops are conducted with the support of teachers and facilitators who guide the teaching and learning process in teaching pairs with soft and hard skills. Through a variety of methods including programming, electronics and biotechnology labs, as well as social skills, inquiry, creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and financial education clubs, Mendoza Futura seeks to develop in students the skills needed to face a demanding world. Complicated.

The program is taught in face-to-face, blended, and virtual modes, adapting to student schedules and offering flexibility. In order to ensure that all young people have access to this learning opportunity, it is carried out in the morning and afternoon, as opposed to compulsory education.


To facilitate access to the Internet and computers, so called EduRed points In 18 departments of the province. These Wi-Fi points, available free of charge, allow students and teachers of all levels and modalities to participate and use the technological resources needed to perform various activities.

Mendoza is the digital future

Through this method, the program expands its reach and reaches thousands of young people through two interesting propositions:

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Microsoft Azure

To promote the development of the technology sector and access to digital education: Mendoza Futura in partnership with Microsoft offers a thousand scholarships, which aim to enable Mendoza University students to receive a full Microsoft Azure course for free.

It is a cloud computing platform developed by Microsoft to build, test, deploy and manage applications and services using its data centers. It improves work efficiency and management of computer tools, providing opportunities for boys and girls across the province.

Future Mendoza episodes can be revealed face-to-face with this initiative.

Argentec Club

This new digital skills training initiative is planned for students in their final years of secondary education.

These are two courses with a workload of 43 lecture hours, which seek to provide digital tools for employability in the knowledge economy.

Curriculum design proposes two itineraries or routes with a common basic axis. In both, an introduction to basic digital skills is studied with a workload of 17 hours, and then, participants choose to follow two learning journeys, either with a workload of 26 hours. On the one hand, they can choose digital marketing with a social manager orientation and on the other hand, an introduction to design.

In all cases, the training is 100% virtual and completely free. Students are guided by a teacher or coach who has the soft and technical skills to guide the educational process.

Source: Ministry of Economy and Energy

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