The time when Guto Guadalupe insulted Johann Fano by calling him ‘Cachuto’

The time when Guto Guadalupe insulted Johann Fano by calling him ‘Cachuto’

When both were still footballers, Guto Guadalupe and Johan Fano went through a tense moment on the pitch. What happened?

In 2013, the tournament went beyond 90 minutes of a game. This happened when former footballer Luis ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe and Johann Fanomore A controversial incident was staged when everyone wore the colors of The real Carcilazo Y Leon de Huanuco. The Cusqueño team secured victory with a single goal by Pedro Asco, but everything did not stop there as the two figures already had some contradictions in the commitment process.

Actually, when the incident started Johann Fanomore Received a red card during the match. When the former footballer was sent off, he received a specific message from Luis ‘Gudo’ Guadalupe. The reason? Both were looking for party favors.

“This ‘Pesuscento Serrano’, thick-headed…”Guadalupe said in the locker room Heraklio Tapia Stadium in Huanuco. Meanwhile, the popular ‘Kavilan’ response, Johann Fanomore It was also unfriendly.

Time after popular ‘Solito’ He decided to break his silence and talk about what happened in an interview with Radio Ovacian: “I find it strange what happened to this boy, he said that I spoke ill of him, but everyone says things according to the level of their culture, what can be expected from him?” Fano noted.

“Even if I am from the hills, I am proud to be like that. If he says it’s a personal problem, we face it here, for me it’s on the field.”Added the former figure of Leon de Huanuco.

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