TheCircularCampus trains over 18,000 professionals in circular economy in its first two years (Environment-Employee-CSR-Social Action) :: CSR Commitment

Since its creation, More than 18,900 professionals from 3,250 companies They have participated in free training activities to promote sustainability and circularity of packaging. These are professionals of various profiles, including experts in sustainability, environment, packaging or marketing and a total of 6,219 managers.

Throughout its two-year life, the program has organized more 156 training activities, 87% of them facilitate access to experts from all parts of Spain’s geography online, in addition to 20 face-to-face actions, which represent 13% of their activity. All in all, they are delivered Over 540 hours of training Between courses, conferences, Main classCase studies or tailoring practice. These activities focus on topics such as packaging eco-design, recycling within the framework of the circular economy, analysis of the packaging life cycle, packaging regulations and their waste, sustainability in SMEs or public-public cooperation.

In addition to these trainings, companies that are part of Ecoembes can access at any time 120 sources Documents, guides, videos, infographics and eight online courses are available in the online campus. This educational program has now been added Recycling Awareness CourseIt helps professionals of any profile dispel myths about recycling and learn how to separate their packaging waste to give it a second life.

As a complementary measure to improve the environmental design of their packaging, companies that are part of Ecoembes can, through this platform, register in a series. Visit to packaging waste sorting plants Throughout the Spanish geography, you can see first-hand how this waste is separated and treated to reach recycling facilities, which give it a second life. From February 2022, there are 21 visits Almost to the plants in which 300 professionals They have witnessed this important process in the circular economy.

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Along this path, TheCircularCampus has built a solid network of alliances with prestigious institutions that add more value to their training. These collaborations include Educational institutions San Delmo Business School, Higher Institute of Environment, Polytechnic University of Madrid, ITENE Technical Center or UNIR; In addition Commercial companies CEPYME, Chamber of Valencia, CEOE Valladolid, FACYRE, AECOC and APD etc.; One Leading data companies Like Kandar, he started his collaboration in 2023.

Tools for dealing with regulatory changes

In recent months, the Spanish and European legislative framework has undergone major changes to move firmly towards a circular economy. The new obligations mark the pace of evolution of packaging, which poses new challenges for companies. In this new scenario, TheCircularLab is paying special attention to 2023 Information to help businesses understand the regulation and its implications, reflected in a new dedicated space on its website with resources, infographics, webinars and articles to disseminate the companies’ new commitments. In this respect, a series of online training sessions have started, which started with the interpretation of Royal Decree 1055/2022 on packaging and packaging waste. Nearly 2,000 professionalsand continues with sessions on the impact of regulations on the rates at which companies contribute to the recycling system.

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