There is a “Dracula sandwich” in space, a mystery to science

Apparently, space is not filled with stars and galaxies, but with delicious cosmic snacks.

A new object in the Milky Way Discovered by a team of astronomers led by Cyprien Bergia of the United States Naval Observatory, it was nicknamed. Civeto de Dracula sandwichIn honor of Uruguay's national dish.

Civito's image of Dracula (Bergia et al.).

In fact, Dracula's goat is a child star surrounded by a dense ring of dust and gas. From the edge, the object looks like a sandwich.

That's not the only reason for the product's strange name. A similar one discovered in the Milky Way in 1985 called Gómez's Burger was later identified in 2008. Child star About 900 light years away.

Delicious place

Dracula's Civito is remarkably similar Gomez's Burger. It's about 980 light-years away, and it's oriented uniformly, so the dust and gas disk passes through the star's light like a sandwich filling, giving a very different view of the star formation process than any other. We usually see.

Image of Gomez's Hamburger (NASA).

Although both items are rare, they may represent a type Birth Stars Of this we know very little. That's because Dracula's Civito or Gomez's Hamburger didn't appear in the usual environment of baby stars known as stellar nurseries, which are full of new star-making material. Instead, both stars appear to be floating in relatively empty space, with few clues as to how they were born.

It's very close to the characteristics of Gomez's hamburger, but Dracula's civito has something extra: two strands protruding from the “buns” that researchers compare. Canine teeth (That's the Dracula part). After modeling star formation, the researchers concluded that these filaments suggest a dissipative envelope around the star.

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