They announce a new holiday for July in Peru for the second year in a row: How much will they pay you?

They announce a new holiday for July in Peru for the second year in a row: How much will they pay you?

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Julio It came with everything, as National Month has a new holiday for the second year in a row. A date that gives pause to our daily routine. We tell you in the development of this note When will it be, what is being celebrated and how much will they pay you? For making it work.

When is the new holiday in July for the second consecutive year in 2024?

Act No. authorized by the Congress of the Republic. According to 31822, it is official. July 23 is celebrated Peruvian Air Force Day. The date commemorates the heroic sacrifice of the brave FAP Captain José Abelardo Quiñones González who lost his life during the conflict with Ecuador in 1941.

Who are the lucky ones who can relax this July 23, 2024?

This Tuesday July 23 Today is a holiday for government and private sector workers.

Those working on the July 23 holiday will be paid three times

According to the publication of the El Peruano newspaper, if the worker works on July 23 and it is a mandatory rest day and an alternative rest day is not agreed upon, the employer must pay him in the following way: the equivalent of one day’s pay, for the holiday; and remuneration with 100% surcharge for work performed

For example, if a worker’s monthly salary is S/ 1,500 and works on Sunday, July 23, his weekly rest day, if he does not have an alternate rest day, he will receive for that day: S/ 50 for holiday. /Sunday (which is already included in the monthly salary) and S/ 100 (100% surcharge) for work performed, earning a monthly total of S/ 1,600.

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What else do you know about the July 23 holiday?

Peruvian Air Force Day is commemorated on this date. A symbolic day commemorating the brave and heroic act of Captain FAB José Abelardo Quiñones González during the conflict with Ecuador in 1941.

This day invites us to remember the courage and determination of a Peruvian warrior who left an indelible legacy in the history of our country. The bravery and sacrifice of Quiñones González is an example of honor and patriotism that will live on in the nation’s collective memory.

What are the holidays and non-working days in July 2024?

  • Tuesday 23rd July: Peruvian Air Force Day
  • Friday, July 26: Non-working day for public sector
  • Sunday, July 28: Independence Day
  • Monday, July 29: National holidays

When is the new non-working day for July?

According to Supreme Decree N°0011-2024-PCM published in Diario El Peruano, it was established July 26 is considered compulsory rest; that is, It will be a non-working day A discretionary break for employees who are part of the state and private sector.

The government-sponsored initiative links the day with national holidays and seeks to contribute to the country’s economic growth and social development.

These are the differences between a holiday and a non-working day

Non-working day and holiday have important differences in terms of their practical and legal requirements and the following:

  • A day off It is a day mandated by law on which a national or religious holiday is celebrated; Adherence to this is mandatory for all employees in public and private sectors. If working on a holiday, the employee is entitled to additional pay or compensatory leave.
  • Non-working day It is usually mandated by government order for specific purposes such as promoting tourism or facilitating special events. This date is not mandatory and depends on the decision of the employer whether to provide it to its employees or not. If you work on a non-working day, it is not necessary to pay extra; Instead, the time worked can be compensated at another time.
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