They expose Millet Figueroa’s love history and Marcelo Tinelli stands up for her: “I don’t care, I’m not Pope Francis”

Marcelo Dinelli defends Millet Figueroa after her romance is exposed. America TV from America

from Milet Figueroa Arriving in Argentina has not stopped making news. Drivers not only admire her beauty and talent, but also look forward to her personal life. Even later Marcelo Dinelli Peru will make sure to meet the model.

In the latest version of LAM, the driver Angel de Brito He has no qualms about reading the love story Milet FigueroaHe named it there Guty Carrera, Antonio Pavón, Maluma, Christian Meier, among others. Rodrigo Cuba was also involved with the artist.

It should be noted that the footballer spoke immediately and offered to clarify that he had never been in a relationship Milet Figueroa. “No, I don’t know her” are the words of today’s couples. Ale Venturo.

The long list caused a stir among the show’s hosts. The majority agreed with it Milet Figueroa He didn’t do anything serious and others questioned whether he was having affairs with married people.

Milet Figueroa, her ex-partners and the men she has been involved with in the past. | Infobae composition

The Argentinian driver was consulted about the alleged ex-partners of the Peruvian model. some peace, Marcelo Dinelli He made it clear that he didn’t think about the future, he didn’t think much about the past and he only wanted to live in the present. Likewise, he made it clear that he had gotten to know Millet, whom he loved very much, and wanted to continue to know her.

“I like to enjoy the present so much, I don’t look too much into the past. They could tell me two hundred thousand stories. Here is the man who seems to be the biographer of Millet’s life, all the things he did and the weaklings he dated. The truth is, I don’t care who he went out with; ” he said. Marcelo Dinelli For the Argentina project.

The presenter points out that although he doesn’t dwell on the past, he has no reason to be scandalous as he is no saint. “If they make a biography of me, I will immediately turn off the TV. I’m not going to be Pope Francis: ‘Oh, how great,’ because I don’t really care what he did before. Instead, I want to enjoy today, and the future, the truth is that I don’t know.” I never imagined, I can’t imagine that in my life,” he clarified.

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“I am fully enjoying this moment and I tell my kids that. I can never tell a kid, take care of yourself. I always tell him, enjoy,” he said.

Marcelo Dinelli defends Millet Figueroa and assures her that her love interests are in the past. I.G.

Finally, he insists that his aim is to grow and enjoy his time in life with the Milet he knows today.

“If you get stuck in projection or go back and say ‘what did she do’, you’ll never grow, and I’m fine, I feel very comfortable with her. I admire her as a woman, she pleasantly surprised me, she is divine, sensitive and cultured.Who you can talk to,” he said.

Milet Figueroa She was asked on the ‘Philando’ show if it was true that he was in a relationship with her Maluma When they participated in the reality show ‘Bor’. The model pointed out that they are not a couple, but liked each other when they were young.

“We don’t go out. I worked with him when he was on a reality show.’War‘, when I first entered TV. I met him there, he was 19 and I was 20, too young to be honest. Obviously there was a flavor at the time, but then everyone (continued) on their own path. Yes they connected us. We liked each other, but not that he was my partner. It was great, we were all so young,” he said.

To conclude the topic, he mentioned that he was happy with the international success Maluma. “I’m so glad it’s going for you too,” he concluded.

Milett Figueroa clarifies her past with Maluma to Marcelo Tinelli |

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