They manage funding for science, technology and innovation projects

They manage funding for science, technology and innovation projects

10 innovation projects with regional impact have been prioritized by the Newquan Agency for Innovation for Development (ANIDE), representing a total investment of 283 million pesos; 200,000,000 of which relates to non-repayable contributions from the Federal Council of Science and Technology.

The government of Neuquen provided projects to all funds that connect the institutions of the regional science and technology system and the various actors in society, thus creating – jointly – innovation processes with local impact.

Through the series of Federal Innovation Projects 2023 initiated by the Federal Council of Science and Technology, Neuquen Agency for Innovation for Development (ANIDE) received a total of 19 initiatives. Ten of them will be prioritized and move on to the next stage, which involves a technical assessment to determine their potential funding.

The total investment in the prioritized projects is estimated at 283 million pesos, of which 200 million will be non-reimbursable contributions and the balance will be equivalent to matching contributions.

They were chosen because they contributed to the federalization of science and technology, with a view to reducing existing asymmetries in access to scientific and technological knowledge. Furthermore, they are consistent with the Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations and have an impact at the regional level.

ANIDE, accredited by the Federal Council of Science and Technology (COFECyT) as the Provincial Application Authority for Science and Technology – receives, evaluates and prioritizes projects in accordance with the plans. Integrated Regional Agenda Prepared in the National Science, Technology and Innovation Plan 2030 and the Five-Year Provincial Development Plan 2019-2023.

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German Bakker, Executive Secretary of ANIDE, said, “We advise the applicants in the development process, prepare a weighting based on the impact, the mentioned topic and the regional distribution of the presentations, and then submit them to COFECyT. For approval. Evaluation”.

Prioritized initiatives will benefit companies, public institutions, local governments, universities, national and provincial science and technology organizations, non-governmental organizations, private companies, chambers, business associations and federations, cooperatives and social activists. Nukeon.

About PFI tax

The line of funding for federal innovation programs aims to provide solutions of municipal, provincial and regional objectives to specific social, productive and environmental problems. Topics prioritized in this edition include energy, food, tourism, smart regions and socio-productive innovation.

Luz Lordone, Federal Deputy Secretary of Science, Technology and Innovation of the country’s MINCyT, said, “The importance of thinking about science and technology has become clear as opposed to jurisdictional development models. Through vectors, transforming institutional agendas into development agendas, the provinces prioritized projects based on these development vectors, which For the first time in federal history, it defined the same jurisdictions that would develop and coordinate integrated regional agendas, the National Science and Technology Plan 2030.

“These federal innovation programs, known as PFI, appeal to transfer and fundamentally, to provide answers to specific needs, which requires virtuosity and strategic articulation between different actors in the system. Science-technology and different levels of the state are guided by the guidelines of the National Science Plan 2030. , which is why it should become law soon.


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