They use cutting-edge technology to recreate the streets – El Diario

They use cutting-edge technology to recreate the streets – El Diario

Cochabamba’s mayor’s office is implementing a project using state-of-the-art technology to resurface the city’s main arteries with a microsurfacing slurry that promises to give the roads more resistance.
The Mayor, Manfred Reyes Villa, inspected the works being carried out on Simon Lopez Avenue and highlighted how this modern technique reduces time, is more durable and economical.
“Microsurfacing is a new system used in other countries, it is economical, fast and long-lasting, it can be used in different structural roads (…) It is important to improve this road (Simón López) we are working on the northern route and then on the southern route,” the mayor pointed out. .
In turn, Infrastructure Secretary Gustavo Navia explained that the technique involves recycling the base, compacting, leveling and finally applying a microsurfacing layer.
“The technology is friendly and the implementation time is short, Simon Lopez is the first avenue that has intervened, work will start this week in Salamanca and Ruben Dario,” Navia said.
Los Angeles, 20th century, Air Force, Ingawi, August 6, Gilman, Ruben Darius, Simon Lopez, Libertador Bolivar, Salamanca, Aniceto Arce and 12 roads in the center of the municipality, north and south, the project contemplates. Tadeo Haenke.
Microsurfacing work is to be carried out on 500 thousand square meters of roads and will require an investment of approximately 50 million bolivianos. (Cochabamba, Agencies)

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