They’ll be giving away 100 chicken quarters on S/5 for Grilled Chicken Day: Where, When, and How to Buy Them?

They’ll be giving away 100 chicken quarters on S/5 for Grilled Chicken Day: Where, When, and How to Buy Them?
The promotion takes place within the framework of Philo’s Polito con Patatas festival. – Composite Credit Infobay/Edwin Montesinos/Mesa24/Andina/Rafael Cornejo

Celebrated on the third Sunday of July Grilled Chicken Day In Peru, it is becoming a favorite dish of Peruvians, especially with daily promotions to enjoy it. So, a day earlier, Saturday, July 27, Philo arrange”Chicken and Potatoes: Big Festival 2024

This will be the third edition of the event which will bring together more than 15 different restaurants Fire roasted chicken in one place. But one of the hooks of the event is the inclusion of artists like Davis Orozco and the like Yahaira PlacenciaThey will provide that 100 Legs of Grilled Chicken at S/5.

He Chicken and Potato Festival 2024 will provide 100 chicken quarters at S/5 soles For the first 100 guests (one to one). Although this offer cannot be won, the first person to attend the event will be able to access this promotion. However, it should be noted that to enter the festival you must purchase tickets sold on the Joinnus portal.

There will be more than 15 polerias serving this dish at the Grilled Chicken Festival. – Credit Mavic Productions

However General admission is S/40 per personCurrently on promotion for two tickets at the same price (and only if you pay for two S/16) until this pre-sale ends BCP) Likewise, tickets at the entrance to the event will be S/50.

Details of this event are as follows:

  • when Chicken and Potatoes: The Big Festival 2024 will be held on Saturday 27th July
  • Where? It will be set up at Exhibition Park
  • for what bell? The festival starts at 11:00 am
  • How to access promotion? You must be among the first 100 attendees to receive a quarter of the grilled chicken at S/5.
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“When it comes to eating, Peruvians know how to do it, and the taste of a good grilled chicken is something personal and varies from person to person,” says Filo. According to the Peruvian Poultry Association (APA), in its latest report for 2023, Fire roasted chicken More than 150 million chickens are culled every year. This equates to 20% of poultry production, making Peru the country with the highest per capita consumption of poultry in Latin America.

Grilled chicken has become a Peruvian favorite. – Spread credit

The same thing happens with its completion, The French fries. According to the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midakry), poultry farms require about 3 tons per day and a poultry farm can consume more than 100 kg of potatoes per day. That’s why, because of its importance, Filo is guaranteeing this year’s Chicken with Potato Festival a great experience when consuming this product, through which its first 100 guests will have the opportunity to buy a quarter of a chicken. S/5 only.

“By purchasing your ticket through, attendees will have the opportunity to enjoy the best grilled chicken in all of Peru, good music, and a variety of attractions and games: a giant wing and chicken pow.” 6 meters high. If you find the Pikito Cam, our entertainment will be able to track you and your companion through a giant screen throughout the exhibition.

Tickets are on sale With a pre-sale discount, S/40 includes two tickets for the price of new soles, while supplies last. General admission can be purchased for S/40 Nuevos Soles on the website and S/50 Nuevos Soles at the door.

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According to the gastronomic guide Atlas of Taste, Peru has the best grilled chicken in the world. These are the best rated:

  1. Pardo’s chicken
  2. Toldos Chicken
  3. Blue Farm
  4. Norki’s
  5. Pius Pius 8


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