This is the best museum in Madrid to take the most indulgent selfies

Madrid opens the doors of the Museum of Happiness (MüF), the world’s first experiential museum dedicated to this emotion. Open from this Friday, September 29 In Madrid. So, starting today, it becomes the best museum in the capital to take a happy selfie.

Located at Ronda de Valencia, 8, very close to the Reina Sofia Museum, permanent with more than 20 interactive experiences for the whole family. General admission costs 15 eurosYou can get them from 11, and they’re available now on the Fever website.

A museum is planned Stimulates hormones happiness Y It starts with the door, which – thanks to a facial recognition device – opens only with a smile. The entrance reads ‘You measure your level of happiness.SantoshmaniThis will check how the hormones are rising.

A slide of happiness.

A museum of happiness

On a 600 square meter track, it allows you to learn and practice happiness, with evidence and scientific rigor, but always fun and entertaining. LVisitors can test the benefits of contagious laughter on the spot.rhizodrome‘, experience positive effects ‘The Huggers’ Take a break from the museum Anti-stress roomTry it Slide happiness Or go inside The truth is hiddenAmong many experiences.

What is the smell of happiness?

Spain is one of the 50 happiest countries on the planet. According to the World Happiness Report prepared by the United Nations; But how does happiness come about? What effect does laughter have on the body? What does happiness smell or taste like?

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The Museum of Happiness consists of five different areas full of interactive experiences About an hourVisitors absorb knowledge, interests and activities that enhance enjoyment and most importantly, visitors experience enjoyment. The tour allows us to discover the history, culture and science of joy, presenting data and using games as a learning dynamic and interactive devices.

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A place dedicated to Mona Lisa’s smile.

A museum of happiness

Among the activities, the ‘Rhizodrome’ capsule stands out, testing the benefits of contagious laughter; ‘Pressure Gauge’, which illustrates the power of hugs; or reserved space Mona Lisa’s smile. Also, the happy chemistry of the brain can be found in the academic area; It has an anti-stress spot or part To observe compassion.

At the same time, there’s room for adrenaline and excitement, like doing something for the first time, like going straight down a second-story slide into a ball pool. Mantra included Through a show Magician Miguel de LucasThe addition of music and a place for animals will enhance all the happiness.

Museum happiness has International recognition From companies such as International happiness of Denmark, World Health Foundation happinessAcademy Off happiness Tal maintains a special alliance with Ben Shahr and the museum happiness From Copenhagen.

A site of the Museum of Happiness.

A museum of happiness

Animals laugh too

Happiness is not something that belongs only to humans. For this reason, the museum is also dedicated to a A place for animalsBecause they express happiness in different ways, through behaviors, panting or breathing.

The Museum of Happiness is a great experience for people aged 4 to 104 years. Also, it provides an educational space Guided group toursSchools, Universities and companies.

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