This is why astronauts' clothes must always be white

Little known by its official name, Extravehicular Mobility Unit (EMU), the spacesuit is one of the most important components of an astronaut's long journey. One can even say A second additional spacecraft Completely equipped to protect life, and equipped with everything necessary to keep the people who carry it safe. It is for this reason that part of the pre-spaceflight preparation is devoted to fine-tuning the suit, improving it and making it more affordable for the conditions the astronaut will find himself in space.

However, while these are seen in different colors in presentations of the new space missions, NASA, like the last preview of the suit for the Artemis II mission, is black and orange once astronauts put them into orbit. , The dress they have to wear is the well-known and most common white color. But do you know why it always has to be this color and never another color?

NASA's SLS rocket with the Orion spacecraft

Artemis, NASA's plan to return to the Moon

Importance and necessity of suit

A properly fitted and manufactured suit is essential to ensure the survival of any astronaut in space. When they leave the ship for outside travel or space missions or for simple ship repair reasons Dress safely. The suit guarantees insulation against the extreme temperatures prevailing in space, as well as providing oxygen thanks to the breathing systems.

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