This technology can cure neurons and Parkinson’s disease


Diseases affecting the neurons of the brain etc Parkinson’s and many others Nervousness, are getting closer to a solution thanks to advances in technology. Healing neurons translate to the future of neuroscience without invasiveness.

Recent findings have allowed the development of non-invasive methods Precisely targeting affected neurons offers new hope for more effective and less invasive treatments.

A non-invasive technique to heal damaged neurons

Biomedical Engineering Professor Hong Chen and his team of researchers Washington University in St. LouisThey have discovered a way to restore neurons that can cure diseases like Parkinson’s.

It is called a non-invasive technique SonogeneticsIntegrates a device called holographic sound AiryUtram With genetic engineering. It works by directing sound waves with high spatial resolution that target multiple brain regions and repair affected neurons.

So far, this technique has proven effective in mouse models Parkinson’sImprovement of disease-related motor deficits.

Benefits Sonogenetics

This technology can cure neurons and Parkinson's disease

And The main feature of the device is the manufacturing costAbout 50 dollars, facilitating economic investment in this type of research. In addition, it is suitable for different brain sizes, which expands its potential applications.

This technology not only promises advances in the treatment of neurological disorders, but can also accelerate research Neurology Because of its flexibility and ease of use.

The future in the treatment of neurological diseases

From uploading our minds into computers, to repairing the brain and healing neurons, technology has truly useful applications for humans.

  • Undoubtedly, a tool of avoidance Aggressive procedures This makes it a great opportunity to investigate and treat neurological disorders.


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