This technology increases the performance of any app by 100 times

This technology increases the performance of any app by 100 times

Increasing the capabilities of processors is increasingly complex and requires the development of new construction and manufacturing technologies. Flow Computing, a Finnish startup, recently announced a major technological breakthrough in the industry. They refer to what has been created Parallel Processing Unit (PPU) That increases performance Any CPU Inside Up to 100 times.

There are many different types of design, construction and manufacturing processes in the market. Each new generation of Intel or AMD processors typically offers a 10-15% improvement in instructions per cycle (IPC) compared to the previous generation.

These CPI improvements may seem small, but achieving them is actually quite complicated. The possibility of achieving a power increase like that proposed by this new Finnish company would be unprecedented in the industry.

How to increase processor power by 100 times?

Flow computing proposes a parallel processing unit (PPU). According to the company, this new technology allows solving the challenges of latency, synchronization and parallelism at the virtual level. In addition, performance is significantly improved through delay masking, synchronization optimization, and virtual ILP/LPP technologies.

In addition to providing revolutionary acceleration, it can also be used with current standards based on the von Neumann architecture. They highlighted that we will have a “CPU 2.0” stage. PPUs can help eliminate the need for expensive high-performance applications like GPUs.

The company highlights that PPUs can improve the performance of existing software and applications. They have the ability to automatically identify parallel parts of the code and execute it on the PPU core. Execution speed can be doubled without changing existing software code.

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Flow computing highlights that PPUs have three major strengths:

  1. They will increase CPU performance by up to 100 times, commanding the era of so-called “SuperCPU” with full compatibility with current software.
  2. Double the performance of software without modifying it.
  3. Increase design customization to meet different application specifications.

The Finnish startup is known for having specific designs for different use cases. They suggest they will have designs for smartwatches, smartphones, laptops and desktop computers, as well as supercomputing and the cloud.

Parallel Processing Unit (ppu9

They noted that they are already in talks with major global semiconductor suppliers. Flow Computing expects to receive initial funding of approximately 4 million euros for the development and commercialization of the PPU technology. They also suggest providing more technical details in the second half of 2024.

There is not much data about this technology, but we see something similar to the architecture of GPUs. The greatest strength of GPUs is precisely the great parallelization capabilities they provide. This makes them perfect for video games, artificial intelligence, and other complex computing tasks that require parallel operations.

We cannot confirm or provide additional information about how these co-processing units work. Let’s see if this is really such a revolutionary technology or just a self-explanatory slogan.


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