This will be a video of the exact moment Carlos Salcedo’s sister Paula Salcedo was murdered.

This will be a video of the exact moment Carlos Salcedo’s sister Paula Salcedo was murdered.
C4 Jimenez Releases Video of Paula Salcido’s Alleged Murder (Screenshot C4 Jimenez)

Last June 29 Paula SalcedoFootball player’s sister Carlos Salcedo, was shot dead outside a circus in the state of Mexico. The crime shocked the sports world and was the start of a series of allegations that even the young woman’s mother pointed to the defender as the mastermind of the crime.

Journalist Carlos Jimenez posted on his social media account after the arrest of two suspects involved in the crime XBefore TwitterWhere is a video The exact moment of the murder. In the clip you can see the exterior of the circus.

Carlos Salcedo’s sister was murdered outside a circus in Mexico state. (Credit: Twitter/c4jimenez)

Although the attack cannot be seen in the foreground, a series of explosions and a woman’s scream are heard. C4 Jimenez In the shared video, he wrote:

“Scenes of Paola killing Salcido. This is how they asked 6 explosions and a scream Huixquilucan outside this circus. Pavla was with her son when she was shot. The Edomex prosecutor’s office has already arrested 2 people, but Paola’s family insists his brother Carlos Salcedo ordered the crime.”

MARIA ISABEL HERNANDEZ, Paola Salcedo’s mother directly accused her own son Carlos Salcedo and his romantic partner of ordering the young woman’s femicide. in your account InstagramThe woman uploaded a photo where she wrote:

“Justice for my daughter. The real reason Carlos Salcido wants to leave the country is that he and his wife, Andrea Navarro, are the intellectual authors of Paola’s murder.

Carlos Salcedo’s mother blames him for Paula Salcedo’s death (IG/ @isabellahn8)

The allegation was made public and the Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico (FGJ) announced that they would add it to the inquiry folder.

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Although this is one version of Paola’s murder that has circulated on the Internet, the official version of the authorities is that the young woman resisted an attack and that is why she was attacked. In addition to this, C4 Jiménez revealed on its social networks that the attackers admitted their motive for the crime. Drug addiction. The journalist wrote:

“Both genres say that They were drugged and they ran out of drugs. They said that they did not have money to buy more and that is why they decided to rob. This is how they killed her at Huixquilucan”.

After the attack, Paola Salcedo was taken from the emergency room to the hospital, where she sadly died a short time later.

This is Paula Salcedo’s vehicle where she was shot. Photo: Edomex Law Office

The Office of the Attorney General of the State of Mexico in coordination with the Secretariat of National Security (Sedena) and the Federal Secretariat for Defense and Civil Protection (SSPC) arrested two suspects in connection with Paola Salcedo’s murder.

About Angel “N” alias “El Pecas” and Jose Ivan “N” He would have approached the victim outside the “Gran Circo Bardum” located on Instituto Politécnico Nacional avenue in the El Arenal neighborhood in Huixquilucan.

As the woman tried to get into her vehicle, a motorcycle driven by the detainees approached her. They threatened her to take away her belongings. The young woman resisted the attack and the accused opened fire.


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