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As a result of exhaustion, a man could not bear it and fell asleep at the concert of a popular music group. He supported the boy with the help of his friends so that the party would not end.

Everything should be made to dance. A strange fact is that a family of friends is far from taking one of them home I was already sleepingKeep him standing so he can continue to enjoy A concert of ‘Group 5’. The man fell into the arms of Morpheus, unable to overcome his fatigue, and the remarkable thing about the event was that he fell asleep standing up.

In a video shared by TikTok user ‘@roblezz’, a group of spectators can be seen enjoying a performance by a Peruvian band performing a show in Puno, Peru, but one of them was already among the others.

The friend who caught him: hero or villain?

The strange thing about this event is that in the group of friends, one person looked very tired, probably from dancing too much or had some drinks, for this reason he could not continue and lay down exhausted.

However, as it was not yet time to retire, the compass tried to make him stand, although he no longer gave, but was supported by one and leaned on the shoulder of another of his friends, who was mentally still at the concert, although he had already gone.

“God, how is this event possible?” Its title is a video that has gotten quite a few views in the past few hours, and it’s not uncommon to see someone standing up and sleeping, much less you standing up to keep your friends party going.

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However, in cases where the body becomes unresponsive due to exhaustion or heavy drinking, it is important that you rest, as this situation puts you at risk of injury or other dangers.

When was Group 5 established?

Grupo 5 is a Peruvian music group dedicated to cumbia, merengue and other tropical fusions. It was founded on January 31, 1973 in Mansefu, Sigleo, Lumbe Province. The current leaders are the Elmer brothers, Andy and Christian Yapen.

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