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President In Boluarte This Monday, July 8, was presented to the Peruvian press for more than 90 days, but When Wilfredo Ascorima, the regional governor of Ayacucho, asked him about the exact amount of the jewels he refused to answer.. Both officials are being investigated in the Rolex case.

At a press conference to give an overview of his recent visit to China, The President limited himself to pointing out that the information was in the public domain and that we would have to wait for the “development of the investigation”. He insisted that he responded to the summons and cooperated with the investigation, despite his party’s appeals to have the Rolex case archived.

What is noteworthy is that he continues to refer to Wilfredo Ascorima as his “friend, Wakey.”He also said that the regional governor of Ayacucho will be at the government palace this Monday with a group of mayors.

Today the governor of Ayacucho was here with about 23 mayors who are concerned about continuing to advance Peru’s development. From here my greetings to my friend, my Waiki, the Governor of Ayacucho” said Tina Boluiarte.

On the question of jewellery, earrings, all are in the lawyer’s office and we are cooperating very openly with the public ministry.I will attend every action and many that the prosecutor’s office calls me, not only for the issue of Rolex, but for every message or crime that appears in the many folders that the Public Ministry opens for me. News from some newspapers” he added.

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As you tell me, please answer three (questions), I’m going to tell you, please, you’re in the attorney’s office.. Let’s wait for the investigation to develop”, he emphasized.

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