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The FAG fund was used by former President Pedro Castillo as “his direct purse” for the monthly payments of his relatives hired as advisers.

The current administration has not escaped this practice either, as Polwart’s office has appointed officials who served in his administration as the Minister of Development and Social Inclusion (MDIS).

Recently published ex-officer orientation report Comptroller General of the Republic El Comercio agreed that the Office of the President had established “no operational procedures to verify the authenticity of the documents provided by the FAG consultants, as well as the technical supervision and verification of the functions assigned to it”.

The regulator has concluded that this puts the use of public resources at risk.

“The described situation puts at risk the verification of the authenticity of the documents provided by FAG consultants, as well as full compliance with the technical supervision and verification of the functions assigned to them, and it fails to detect the event in time. Fraud or falsity in the information and/or documents provided, the execution of activities outside the terms of reference or other conditions that reduce the contract. events and proper use of public funds.”

Comptroller General of the Republic

Significant payments

The report, released on March 31, includes observations made by the Internal Audit Commission, which examined the practice of the Office of the President, which is attached to the leadership of the Council of Ministers and has a monthly budget. Recruiting experts charged to the Public Sector Management Support Fund in accordance with the contract made by the Commission of the Public Sector Management Support Fund administered by the Ministry of Economy.

As described in the document, the FAG consultants employed by the Office of the President from 2020 to 2023 have requested public resources from the Management Support Fund and signed contracts for an average monthly amount of S/.12,000.00, a “material amount” and to verify their contracts.

Therefore, Memorandum No. dated February 15, 2023. 000104-2023-DP/SSG and after analyzing the documents sent by the Secretariat vide Memorandum No. 000284-2023-DP/SSG dated March 27, 2023, it was determined that the President. The office employed FAG personnel under a regulation which was repealed.

Also, while requesting information from the said office regarding the monitoring activities of the documents submitted by the contracting parties, it is up to date the Office of the President Order No. 001-2017-DP/SG stating that it is operating under

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However, 004-2021-EF/43.01 Order no. 004-2021-EF/43.01 “Guidelines for the management of the management support fund (FAG) for the public sector, within the framework of Decree Law, °. 25650″, approved by Ministerial Resolution No. 118-2021-EF/43 of March 30, 2021.

“Company Order No. 001-2017-DP / SG has expired,” they said.

For this reason, the Comptroller’s Office Tina Polwart’s Office of the President – through the General Secretary of the Office of the President – must implement mechanisms to control the recruitment and work of FAG officials.

“Relevant preventive and corrective measures are adopted within the framework of their powers and duties in the management of the organization to ensure the continuity, outcome or achievement of the goals of the process of hiring persons employed with the FAG charge” , they concluded.



FAG Agreements


Management Support Fund (FAG) Decree Law of July 24, 1992 no. 25650 as an exceptional regime to finance the expenses of highly qualified technical and professional personnel of a temporary nature. According to Order no. 004-2021-EF/43.01 Recruitment of FAG officers shall be undertaken only for consultancy services, consultations and development of qualified professional activities.

Regarding the contract, the company and the FAG consultant signed the contract in triplicate for the lease of services by sending a copy duly signed by both parties to the UTP by an official letter containing the following documents: terms reference, undertaking, consultant data, certificate, statement issued by the bank on payment of professional fees, current professional qualification statement, if applicable, and documented curriculum vitae.


An internal control audit began regarding a request for information needed by the corporate control system of the Office of the President “due to the hiring of Mr. Eduardo Remi Bachas Palacios as FAG consultant to the Office of the President” during the government of former President Pedro Castillo.

As recalled, Bachas was Castillo Terrones’ lawyer during his entire presidential administration, and he continued to assume his legal defense after his vacancy.

In this regard, Memorandum no. By 000104-2023-DP/SSG, the hiring of FAG consultant Eduardo Remi Pachas Palacios “At the request of the Secretariat of the Presidency, verified. Memorandum No. ° 000143-2021-DP/SG”.

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As explained, the aforesaid consultant has signed the relevant documents, which include Agreement No. dated December 7, 2021. 029-2021-FAG-DP includes; Official Letter No. 011691-2021-DP / SSG dated December 7, 2021 has been sent to Temporary Payment Unit – UTP (created in the General Administration Office of the Ministry of Economy and Finance).

However, on December 9, 2021, the lawyer sent a letter to the Office of the President requesting the termination of the service lease agreement by FAG, and the payment process for the fees from December 7 to 9, 2021 was abandoned.

However, according to the same statement from the Office of the President, During the Castillo Terrones government, 31 FAG officers were hired With a salary between S/6,000 and S/15,000.

Among the beneficiaries were well-known characters associated with Castillo Terrones, those investigated by the prosecutor’s office, Piberto Castillo León, Sandra Maribel Baico Carrasco and Pérez Curie David.

FAG officers were employed directly by Pedro Castillo's government

FAG officers were employed directly by Pedro Castillo’s government

Jorge Ricardo Alva Coronado, in addition to others who do not meet the requirements to be appointed Secretary General of the President; Correspondent Cristina Maria Boyd Jara, related to ex-president, lawyer Heli Hernando Cardenas Yaya – There are no requirements to be employed under the FAG system- and Mauro David Gonzales Caballero. The latter, along with Cardenas, were two officers who reported the missing cellphones of Castillo aides-de-camp and military service technicians, according to the lawsuit.

They are from Cajamarca, Norman Coronel Vázquez visited with former ministers Roger Incio (former head of production) and Anibal Torres before being hired.

Meanwhile, Dina Boluarte in the government, among 16 advisers and consultants Those recruited under the FAG system were also those under his administration as the Midis Minister.

Among them are lawyers , initially appointed to the position of Vice-President, at the beginning of the government of Castillo Terrones, Tina Ersilia also participated as part of the Commission of Transfers of the Ministry of Development and Social Inclusion of Boluarte Zegara. She was hired along with himAdviser to Deputy Ministry of Social Welfare of Midis during the current President’s administration.

Lawyer who was FAG between February and March 2023 – before being appointed Deputy Minister of Justice – from the beginning of Boluarte’s administration in the Midis.

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Tina Polwart's Office of the President required the Comptroller's Office to implement procedures to control the hiring and employment of FAG officials.

Tina Polwart’s Office of the President required the Comptroller’s Office to implement procedures to control the hiring and employment of FAG officers.

The same is the case He was also Adviser to the Central Secretariat of the Midis; And Valeria Madeleine Morales Becerra, according to her professional profile, indicates that she coordinated administrative systems linked to the functions entrusted to the Cabinet of Ministers and Counselors of Midis programs.

MIDIS 2022 Report

MIDIS 2022 Report

He was also posted as FAG, Officer Former Director of Administration in the Ministry of Defence, Today up to the administration of the ministerial portfolio of Alberto Otarola, the head of the Council of Ministers.

Franco During Oscar Zia’s Castillo administration, he was a senior management consultant in the Ministry Office of the Ministry of Agricultural Development and Irrigation (Midagri) along with former Castillo Minister Victor Maeda, former head of the Cabinet of Midagri Advisors. Villa (currently the General Undersecretary of the Office of the President) is also listed in the list of FAG officers of the Office of the President.

More info

Status of Government Palace

Government House has indicated thatOfficial Guidance Statement No. regarding the procedure for the recruitment of personnel charged to the Administrative Support Fund (FAG) in the Office of the President established by Order N°001-2017. 003-2023/OCI/276-SOO made. -DP/SG, current date and 2017 onwards dates.

He also pointed out that the OCI report “states that the document does not include operational procedures for verifying the authenticity of documents provided by FAG consultants and technical supervision and verification of the functions assigned to them.”

The current administration of the Office of the President, since February of this year, ordered the change of the aforementioned order so that “strict operational procedures are established that allow for adequate verification of submitted documents and strict control of activities. Carried out by consultants. The new order is pending approval”

“Despite the lack of restrictions mentioned in the current directive orientation statement, the current administration, from January 2023, ordered the use of pre- and post-agreement controls and the verification of their completed works. The president will apply strict controls under the responsibility of all heads of office areas,” he added.

Document sent by Government House.

Document sent by Government House.

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