Today, October 2, another water cut was announced in the districts of Lima: know the areas and times

The water cut announced by Cedapal will affect many parts of Lima. Photo: Andina

Lima’s Water and Sewerage Service (Sedapal) continues work aimed at improving its service, which is why it continues to control drinking water In many parts of the districts of the Peruvian capital.

Before this Service cut The Water Resources Administrator has announced yet another ban, which will be done largely for four days starting October 6 For this October 2nd.

As mentioned, water restriction does not affect all sectors, but is limited to certain areas and has a limited duration of only a few hours.

Below, we describe the affected tables and regions.

At district will be affected by scheduled water supply interruption from 12:00 PM to 20:00 PM today. This intervention will mainly affect the Túpac Amaru human settlement.

In this district, water cut started at dawn. The service restriction began at 01:00 AM in Pueblo João Tabalada de Lurin and will last until 09:00 PM tonight.

In Independencia, there are several areas that will be affected by this cut, which will start at 12:00 and end at 8:00 this Monday night.

Human Settlements Extension Group 122 A, AH Extension Group 124, AH Extension Group 41 B, AH Los Conquistadores Extension, AH Group 122 Extension, AH Group 122 Sector III, AH 123 Extension, AH 125 II Sector Extension, AH Group Neighborhood Committee August 30 , AH Conquistadores, AH Committee 56a Extension May 1, AH Group 93 B, AH Integrated Committee Villa Canta, AH Neighborhood Committee Cerro Las Gardenias, urb. Pop freedom.

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The water company also announced another service cut for next Wednesday, October 4, two days before the massive cut. Also, he mentioned that the move will only affect certain areas and will last for a few hours.

The interruption will mainly affect the N part of Huaycán from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM on Wednesday.

  • San Antonio de Huarochiri

There will be service disruption in many areas in this district on 4th October from 12:00 noon to 8:00 pm.

Lord of Exaltation Association, Proc. De viv. El Bosque Lodisacion, Urban. Nivería 1ra, Assoc. El Haras, El Huayco Huachipa Prog. De Viv. Mantaro, Assoc. Viv. Las Palmeras de Huachipa, Prog. De Viv. El Sol de la Chambala 1ra, Assoc. San Francisco de Chambala, Los Rosales de Chambala , Curva de Chambala Lotization, Assoc. Los Portales de Nivería.

Water cut notice: Which districts will be affected? | TV Peru

Sedapal Citizens of metropolitan Lima can check if their homes will be affected by the next massive flood, thanks to two interactive maps shared. Friday, October 6.

As, the company announced 22 districts of the capital will be affected, however service interruption will not be in all jurisdictions but in specific areas.

Find out if your home will be affected by this Massive water cut Inside LimaYou can enter this platform by:

On the website, it is necessary to enter the address or delivery number in the search field to check the status of your house. Each area is represented by a color that represents the period without water service.

  • Yellow: Up to 24 hours.
  • Orange: Less than 48 hours.
  • Rojo: 48 to 96 hours.
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Cedapal said the installation of two connections, including a new 2-meter-diameter pipe, caused the massive water blockage. This will increase the supply through the reinforcement transmission lines of the ATARJEA – Villa El Salvador Matrix.

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