Trace of the $13,000 bracelet: Wilfredo Escorima's purchase card found at Tina Polwart's home.

Trace of the ,000 bracelet: Wilfredo Escorima's purchase card found at Tina Polwart's home.

The fourth force This Sunday, the warranty card for the Governor of Ayacucho bracelet bracelet, Wilfredo AscorimaPurchased in Panchero House For $13,650, a certificate found by a team of lawyers and police agents during a search of the president's home In Boluarte.

Oskorima bought the fancy bracelet on July 25, 2023, and the same afternoon, he visited. Head of the Council of Ministers (PCM), recorded in the attendance register of the company. According to records verified by the Sunday Times, the president was caught wearing the necklace during a military operation at night.

It was an 18-carat gold bracelet with 94 diamonds, which Pollarde did not mention during his press release last Friday, saying his Rolex watches were on loan from the regional authority. In the same statement, the head of state denied that he owned it Cartier bracelet These characteristics are attributed to the bracelet as “fine jewelry”.

“He held a beautiful press conference. They only allowed three questions and I understand they drew. In fact, I yelled at him to give me more time to ask more questions, but he walked away. He spoke in generalities and didn't mention or allow any explanation about this bracelet. . […] No one looked back,” noted the journalist. Eduardo QuispeAuthor of the report.

Pollarde wore the bracelet again during functions on July 28 and 29, a formal greeting of ministerial cabinet members, Mass at Lima Cathedral, and a visit to Congress for the Tea De Tum, Message to the Nation. , in addition to the Grand Parade and the Citizen Military Parade.

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“One of the most striking features of this bracelet is that it has 94 diamonds all around the top and bottom, and there are five of these pear-shaped diamonds. It has very detailed work, it's very delicate, almost artisanal,” the Peruvian collector said on Sunday. Magime.

The journalist also mentioned other sources that gave him more information about the jewel. “I've talked to a couple of people who've been to an event where the president has been there and have worn the bracelet, and they've told me that, as we've seen, it stands out a little bit. And there it is: 94 diamond-cut brilliance,” he noted.

During a televised news release, Boluarte denied owning high-end watches and other jewelry worth thousands and asked to “turn the page” on the issue after testifying for more than five hours at the prosecutor's office as part of the preliminary hearing he faces. will be said Illegal Enrichment.

The head of state added that he has a “personal friendship” with Oskorima, with whom he is “thankful and affectionate” for supporting his government during anti-government protests in late 2022 and early 2023.

Likewise, he asserted that his lawyer was the “responsible person” for his delay in providing these public explanations. Mateo Castaneda, who told him to “first declare before the competent authority” and then leave the country. “That's what I do,” he said before asking lawyers, “to be very careful when they qualify their complaints and not become tables for parts of a biased press.”

“All these hoaxes and smoke screens continue to act with black hands against the country, which benefits no one and only harms the country, investments needed for international image. We are nothing but a government of facts False beliefs”, he concluded.

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