Transfers for the 2024 Clausura: signings, losses and rumors in the Ligue 1 transfer market | Soccer-Peruvian

Transfers for the 2024 Clausura: signings, losses and rumors in the Ligue 1 transfer market |  Soccer-Peruvian

He Opening match It ended a week ago and Universitario de Deportes were declared winners with absolute justice, beating Sporting Cristal to qualify Play-offs For the title of Liga 1 2024. However, there is still half a season to go and anything can happen, so the main teams are trying to strengthen themselves in the national championship so that they can measure up. What moves will there be in the market and which players or coaches can reach national football? Here we tell you in detail.

First, regarding this Lima Alliance, It’s clear that Alejandro Restrepo needs better weapons if he wants to fight for the Clausura. Although it has a more or less large squad, injuries and poor performances from many of its early season recruits suggest they need reinforcements.

Although Pablo Sabac is on the verge of a full recovery from his left ankle injury, the Victorians have not been assured that he will be 100%. Think of it as a coin toss. On the other hand, Jeriel de Santis has not lived up to expectations and it seems that he could be offered a loan if conditions are met. Let’s see how much the market moves in the blue and white store.

as Sports University, The situation is very specific. Cremes won the Apertura competition, but goalkeeper Sebastian Brittos was the only one to complete the job of all their signings. After that, Jairo Canza, Segundo Portocarrero, Christopher Gonzalez, Christopher Olivares and Diego Torregare are all on loan. In this context, the game area evaluates one or another recruitment.

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In a recent interview GolperuFabián Bustos, the technical director of ‘U’, has not confirmed anything on the matter, but is focused on bringing back the best version of ‘Canchita’ Gonzales, who has been disappointed with her performance so far. “Peruvian football has a very narrow market. There aren’t many great players who have a chance of reaching the major leagues. The primary boost is to restore Gonzalez’s status to 90%.He explained.

on the side Sporting Crystal, It is not known who the new coach will be after the dismissal of Anderson Moreira. The Brazilian didn’t measure up in the first half of the season, and the brewery’s president, Joel Raffo, decided to sack him. The name of 46-year-old Uruguayan tactician Gustavo Munua, who is now without a team, is ringing loudly.

Likewise, as Rafo has pointed out in several of his recent interviews, there could be changes not only in terms of signings but also loans. Some names performed below expectations and it wouldn’t be surprising if they left Rimac. It’s going to be an intense market and we at Depor keep you updated on all the moves.

Mind you, Ligue 1 will have a break of about a month and a half due to the Copa America in the United States, where the Peruvian national team will participate in Group A, facing Argentina, Chile and Canada. The National Championship pass book opens next Sunday, July 7 and closes on Saturday, August 31. Be very careful with everything that might happen.

Lima Alliance

High Low Adjustments Rumors
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Sports University

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Gustavo Tulando

Game Crystal

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Anderson Moreira (DT) Gustavo Munua (DT)
George Casullo (DT)
Flavio Alcido
Raphael Lutiger

FBC Melgar

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Marco Valencia (DT)


High Low Adjustments Rumors

Game Huancayo

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Tarek Carranza

Deportivo Carcilazo

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Gerardo Amelie (DT)

Cesar Vallejo

High Low Adjustments Rumors

Cusco FC

High Low Adjustments Rumors
Jose Bolivar


High Low Adjustments Rumors

Carlos A. Mannucci

High Low Adjustments Rumors

Atletico Grau

High Low Adjustments Rumors


High Low Adjustments Rumors
Wilmar Valencia (DT) Carlos Ramachiotti (DT)

Athletics Alliance

High Low Adjustments Rumors

Game boys

High Low Adjustments Rumors


High Low Adjustments Rumors
Raymond Manco
Erinson Ramirez
Sandro Rengifo
Jesus Oropeza (DD)

United Merchants

High Low Adjustments Rumors


High Low Adjustments Rumors
Rudy Palomino Piero Guzman
Daniel Gonzalez
Dustin Rengifo
Pedro Martinez
Joe Martinez

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