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He Tax Administration Service (SAT) A promotion was launched to encourage drivers to cancel tolls Paperwork or traffic fines By discount. This is expected to increase and avoid timely payments Compulsory collection.

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If you pay in full in October Transport ticket Implemented within five business days, counted from the day following notification, users will be able to access a 83% discount on total amount. Likewise, they get a 67% discount if they cancel between the sixth and fifteenth business day of notification.

Starting in November, the SAT Initiate precautionary measures and procedures against co-offenders Vote credits. These contain their interior Vehicles in warehouses, Prohibits, Bank Account Holds Y Reports on risk centers.

SAT offers up to 83% off on transit tickets. Photo: Spread

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Only 50% transit tickets were paid with discounts

Wilfredo Calderon, Rep SATpointed out, “So far this year, 172,375 discounted tickets have been issued, which is 52% of total registration violations (331,774).”.

Also, according to the system, the main mistakes are:

  • G57: Failure to obey traffic control signs.
  • G47: Parking in areas that affect the operation of public passenger transport services, prevent the flow of traffic or the observation of signs.
  • L07: Unnecessary use of horn.
  • L04: Opening or leaving the door of a parked vehicle open, making the movement of the vehicle difficult.

Finally, find out if you have any discounts Transport ticketsYou must enter Go to Online Consultations option and enter Vehicle License Plate No.

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It is important to highlight that these are non-exempt ballots Very serious violations: M01, M02, M03,M04, M05, M06, M07, M08, M09, M12,M16,M17,M20a, M20b, M20c, M20d, M21,M23,M27,M28,M29M31,M42.

SAT offers up to 83% off on transit tickets. Photo Broadcast

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