Tremors in Colombia today, July 7 – Earthquakes via SGC and Last-Minute Earthquakes with Richter Magnitude | composition


Colombia is one of the most earthquake-prone countries in South America, because Pacific Ring of Fire. With the aim of making people aware of these events, I will share with you the most relevant data directly and directly as per the official statement issued daily.

It is noteworthy that Colombia is located in the collision zone of the Nazca Ocean Plate with the South American Continental Plate. Likewise, the SGC is the agency responsible for monitoring and following up on threats of geological origin, i.e. informing citizens daily of earthquakes recorded in the national territory. According to the organization, the municipalities that record the most earthquakes are: Los Santos (Santander), Zapatoca (Santander), Villanueva (Santander), Jordan (Santander), El Carmen (Santander), Dabeba (Antioquia), Uribe (Meta), Mesetas (Meta), Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean.

Tremors in Columbia, July 7 Live – SGC

In this live, what was the last recorded earthquake in Colombia publicly reported by the SGC, along with the time, epicenter, magnitude and all significant information surrounding these events.

How to prepare your home for an earthquake?

To prepare and protect your home in the event of a major earthquake, I will share with you some recommendations from Colombia’s National Risk Management Unit:

  • Glass and windows: Cover windows with curtains, use safety films if possible, or use transparent tape to protect the glass if it breaks in an earthquake so as not to injure anyone.
  • Walkways and Stairways: Check that walkways, stairs, and exits are clear of obstructions (plants, decorations, etc.) and that they have handrails and non-slip rails that are not waxed to prevent falls.
  • Electricity, water and gas installations: Repair any damage to pipes, wiring, stopcocks. Ensure facilities are in good condition and avoid exposed cables and overloaded electrical outlets.
  • Stopcocks: If possible, ensure that gas and water stopcocks and electrical panels are accessible so that they can be closed and turned off in case of emergency.
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