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After confirming that Sanke will have the first “smart port” in South AmericaCarlos Ortiz Chamache, Operations Manager of Cosco Shipping, highlighted the importance of developing specialized technicians responsible for managing the megaport.

In that way, he said, the government, the institute and the academy should work together to “create a university in Chanke that does not exist today”.

“Sanke has a future, it will become a modern city in the next 10 years. Therefore, when the megaport starts functioning, the port community will move to Sanke port, such as transport companies, warehouses, customs agents, among others (…) Sanke has international business professionals, logistics and Organizations are needed; the universities in Sankey offer careers that do not exist yet, all of which are concentrated in Lima. Artis explained to Kestion.

Currently, industries that require megaports are offered by universities or institutions in Lima such as the National Merchant Marine School, Research Institute, etc. UNI And this Universidad Mayor de San Marcos.

In management, it was known Megaport is in need of professionals connected to logistics and industrial management, as well as technical experts in storage processing for exports and imports.

Employees from Chanke area will be given preference for CASCO. Ortiz emphasized that the specialized personnel required by the megaport should be from the same location. “We aim to hire approximately 80% of our workforce from the Sangae community and 20% from Lima”He insisted.

“It is good to have employees working in the same area where the port will be built, these people will be motivated because they will work within the city (…) Companies need qualified employees”he added.

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Sankei port will be opened in November within the framework of APEC forum.  Photo: President.

Sankei port will be opened in November within the framework of APEC forum. Photo: President.

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Universities look to Sankey to expand their headquarters

Roberto Sánchez, president of the Sangé Special Commission, welcomed the initiative Casco ShippingHe assured that there is a need to promote a university in Chanke where the megaport should be implemented.

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“Sanke will have 150,000 additional citizens to its 70,000 in a few years. The province and its area of ​​influence exceed 500,000 people, which is why there is a high demand for public higher and technical education in this area.”, Commented to management.

However, he clarified that this is not the only attempt to build a university in Chanke because of the megaport. In 2020, Congress introduced a declaration in the national interest to create the National Technical University of Hural.

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In fact, last year the Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos (UNMSM) presented its branch in Sanque, which today offers three professional programs: Management, International Business and Tourism.

However, over time, there are plans to expand the academic offering with the introduction of a maritime and port administration degree, according to UNMSM Faculty of Management Sciences Dean Augusto Hidalgo Sanchez.

At this time, the San Marcos subsidiary uses offices or environments provided by the Company Sanke Municipality Until the university implements the infrastructure for it. Recently, San Marcos announced the start of construction of the said subsidiary. 45 hectares of the Santa Maria farm were transferred by the Ministry of Justice’s National Forfeited Assets Program (PRONAPI).

The estimated investment for the construction of the aforementioned headquarters is S/ 1.5 million and will accommodate 240 students from Sanke. The university is expected to open in March 2025.

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According to Augusto Hidalgo Sánchez, dean of UNMSM's Faculty of Management Sciences, there are plans to expand the academic offering with the introduction of a maritime and port management degree.  (Photo: UNMSM)

According to Augusto Hidalgo Sánchez, dean of UNMSM’s Faculty of Management Sciences, there are plans to expand the academic offering with the introduction of a maritime and port management degree. (Photo: UNMSM)

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But what other universities or institutions are interested in Chanke? Last April, the National University of Engineering (UNI), Signed a macro cooperation agreement with Sanke District Municipality contributing to education in the district.

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“With the arrival of this great work, I am delighted that the Academy will be more closely connected with the district; and that this valuable institution will give us essential support.The mayor of Sankey said, Juan Alvarez.

Although there are no further details of the agreements signed, beyond technical cooperation or service provision agreements, close sources said. UNI, The university is to operate an academic center or branch at a specified location. But when and where the headquarters will be located is still unknown.

Sanke Megaport, which will open in the second half of this year,

The Sankey Megaport, which will open in the second half of this year, was considered “the most important merger in Peru’s history” because it has created a broad unity of diverse voices that have expressed their support for this great project. This was announced by the Rector of the National University of Engineering (UNI) Dr. Alfonso Lopez Chau (Photo: UNI)

Not only universities are considering setting up a headquarters in Chanke. Two months ago, Senati told Kestion that it is in the process of expanding its headquarters in Huara, closest to the port of Zanke, with the aim of forming an alliance with the port hub operator (Cosco Shipping) to meet labor demand. Generated by MegaPort.

Does Sanke have the conditions to run a university?

According to Fernando Velarde, CEO of VeMás: Urban and Real Estate Strategy, A megaport in Sanque will encourage the migration of families from Lima to the city; Because? Huge amount of technical labor jobs and surveys in Lima.

“The city could increase its size by five times because of the job or labor demand that the port creates directly and indirectly.”Velarde commented to Gestion.

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Regarding the creation of a university in Chanke, the expert explained its positive impact, By creating a study center in that area, a Center EducationThat is, companies, trade, galleries or shopping centers are built around it. “Every university develops complementary activities.”

“If education is prioritized, there will be no problem, rather it will attract demand for complementary uses; “but it must respond to an adequate urban development plan.” He explained.

As stated therein The diversity of real estate on offer in SankeyVelarde clarified that not all people are looking for 120 m² plots, Real estate projects are also sought Such as shopping centers, hospitals and universities that require an average of 3,000 to 5,000 m².

“By selling the big views, it will lead to the creation of other infrastructure for Chanke, such as technical universities.”As Velarde commented When he was consulted in the administration about the challenges in the urban development of Sanke.

But where will the university be located? The expert pointed out that the best place to build a university would be in the Urals because urban and real estate development is integrated in contrast to Sanke, which is still considered a ghost town, although he did not rule it out as a “tourist destination”.

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