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Red planet. From Earth, the cold, barren desert that stretches across acres and acres of the peaceful world appears as an orange star. Shines brighter than the rest. When scientists mentioned astronomical nonsense – there must have been some – he pointed out the similarities between Our home in the solar system And some believed them to be a sign that our Martian neighbor – where it comes from – would one day be habitable. Every day, the distance of light years that separates that hypothesis from reality becomes one kilometer smaller.

A terrestrial robot takes care of it. from February 2021 He wanders alone, stepping on stones and analyzing them. Throwing them away and reading them. About a year ago Round He was interested in fan-shaped deposits. A mound of mud and stone, perhaps Remains of an ancient river deltaA network that flows towards Jezero Crater. The front margin has been subjected to prehistoric erosion, its indisputable evidence Sedimentary rock It combines a viable and pristine sidereal oasis.

Strong, living, like the earth

Los Latest pictures It is precisely this rock that comes from outer space. to photograph her, Round has moved to the top of the fan. A slight twist and a staggered ascent. Curved layers of rock formation undoubtedly: They got their shape due to the flow of water.

in some reports CNNAssociate Program Scientist for Perseverance at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Gate stock, is accurate. This is unprecedented. “This fan really reflects that Main story of water in the ditch”, he admitted.

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It flowed out of the ditch in a short time and reached another place. A kind of sea, wetland. “With the rover, we’re actually moving through different environments that were once associated with water. So here at Jezero, We have evidence of ancient lakes, deltas and rivers”, completes the stack. Recent images show that there was, in addition, some depth to the doomed uncle. And the water moved with power. with life. As on Earth.

A rusty star

In particular, the two images he has compiled are mosaics Round Committed to Earth Observatory exposure Boulders and coarse sediment grains. “This indicates that it is a river with more energy, which carries more waste. The more powerful the flow of water, the greater its ability to move objects,” the signed statement said. Libby IvesA researcher in a loner’s favorite lab Round.

The puzzle takes shape. A river carrying large debris, Martian rocks, from other points on the Red Planet to the Jezero Crater. It’s no coincidence that it resembles Delta. The water carved a rugged landscape, the wind sharpened like a scalpel, where the silence was interrupted by one’s footsteps. Round The stranger and the visitor There was a big river. A long time ago. Those scientists are not crazy. They dreamed far from home, on a rusty star.

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