USA lotteries: Septuagenarian couple gives away US$11 million in winnings | America | America 2024 | Stories

USA lotteries: Septuagenarian couple gives away US million in winnings |  America |  America 2024 |  Stories

Violet Large won the lottery prize during her chemotherapy treatment America. His story attracted media attention as he decided to donate the said amount to charity.

An elderly couple donates to non-profit organizations America Most of them U$D 11 million who won Lottery why”They don’t need money, they have everything they want“. For this reason, the duo composed by Alan and Violet Large gained international fame.

We don’t do it for attention. Why spend money when you already have everything you need?said Violet Large, 78, who had just finished chemotherapy. She also said that neither she nor her husband spent a single cent of the prize money. Lottery For them. “We don’t travel, we’re not rich, we live in an old house, but we’re comfortable.” said.

How is the lottery played in the US?

You must buy a ticket in one of the 48 jurisdictions where this draw is held and choose six numbers: five numbers between 1 and 69, which correspond to the white balls, and one number between 1 and 26, Powerball Or the red ball.

The odds of winning a big prize in 302,575,350, on the other hand, in the jackpot, these odds are 292,201,338 to match all the numbers needed for the jackpot.

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