Venezuela sells a menu in the Peruvian market, no one buys from him, but users support him on TikTok

He Young Venezuela lamenting what People of Peru Look not at his new venture, but inside TikTok They encourage you to keep going.

Venezuela sells a menu in the Peruvian market, no one buys from him, but users support him on TikTok

The case of a Venezuelan working as a food vendor in a Lima market drew attention to the TikTok app. The reason? The worker pointed out that a Peruvian had not bought his food and revealed a detail in Chinese usage that surprised more than one person.

A user announced that he was serving lunch at a location at Qamarra station in the retail market. However, considering the lack of customers, he did not hesitate to express the moment with a strong message Social websites.

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Venezuela sells food, but no one buys from him

In pictures Viral TikTok It shows how man is outside his compound and his entire establishment is empty. Amid impotence, he points out that it’s because he’s Venezuelan. Watch the clip here:

“I sell lunch, but no one comes to eat. Everyone walks around looking ugly like someone is a bad guy. “It’s a simple fact of being Venezuelan in Peru,” he said The video went viral It has nearly a million views, more than 42,000 “likes” and thousands of comments two days after it was posted.

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Support it? What were the users’ reactions?

Although netizens from TikTok It’s normal for him to have no clients, as that’s how most businesses start out, so he’s given a lot of advice to keep moving forward.

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“Non-expensive dishes need to be tasted first to attract customers. We Peruvians have a refined palate”, “Tomorrow you will sell everything with God’s blessing”, “I will tell you the secret of a business: bend your knees to God and start with faith. Everything is in their hands, don’t worry”, “I’m from Peru, I went out to sell my stuffed potatoes, but I sold almost nothing, but I’m still fighting. I told my children to eat, they are not lost”, “You keep going, little by little you will get your customers, you will run out of hands to sell, God bless you”, “Where is it? Tomorrow I’m going to eat calandado with my 7 kids”, “This is not my country my friend, this is how every business starts. Persistence”, “Peruses never look down on a hardworking person, you make mistakes, more success in your career”, “Don’t be sad, God will bless you more”, they pointed out.

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