Vestas moves ahead with clean energy projects in Latam, sees opportunity in Peru | economy

Danish company Vestas, dedicated to wind power generation, announced its intention to continue developing projects in Latin America. In the first phase, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Mexico expressed special interest due to their advances in clean energy solutions. Second, he recognized the opportunity to continue growing in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador, where they exist with little effort.

Company President Eduardo Ricotta, He opined that there is room to expand my constituency in these countries because of the potential of the renewable energy sector. “Rather than looking at countries, we will focus on the projects we have in the region and hope to close more deals”announced as DF SUD.

Within the energy sector, Vestas Creates three lines of business. Two of them are related to solutions. Coastline Y Coastal, using onshore and offshore wind turbines. Additionally, it has service DevelopmentOne of the new verticals focuses on the identification of new projects and their pre-development steps.

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Vestas in Latin America

In Latin America, Vestas It is responsible for the installation of more than 14.4 gigawatts (GW) equivalent to 4,500 wind turbines and competes with its business model in 21 countries in the region. Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Mexico and Brazil. In these last two countries, the company has manufacturing plants and service centers in addition to those established in other regions. South America.

to RicottaLatin America, given its good natural conditions for the global wind industry, is highly relevant to the company. The room for growth is huge, but it depends on the state policies of various countries to comply with the Paris Agreement. Now we need support from governments.” Done.

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In the forum Peru Energy 2023Executives from various companies estimate that energy production in the country will grow by 5% to 10% between 2023 and 2024 due to the start-up of four new companies. Solar and wind power plants. Besides, the Peruvian Society of Renewable Energies The share of renewable energies is predicted to reach 20% of the electricity matrix by 2030.

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