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Extraordinary! A new video has been created Viral On TikTok. In this case, the protagonist of the story was a young TikToker who was supposed to be an accomplice, who had no idea that one of his customers was his cousin.

According to pictures shared on the platform, the girl accepted an interview with two content creators. In this sense, he admitted that his cousin hired his services. However, she had no idea, and she seemed pretty.

Trom| The young man reveals that his relative hired his services

The young man hired his cousin for her services as a waiting girl

Additionally, she took her other cousin to attend with her. Subsequently, the curious story went viral on social networks and netizens did not miss the opportunity to write hundreds of messages about it.

“Relatives live”, “Your relatives who support your business”, “He recommended you”, “Proud to the family”, “You should take care of the family business”, “Discount for being a family”, are some of the comments that got the most reactions.

So far, the clip has generated over 1 million views and the user who posted it is @ecuaclips.

The young Venezuelan admits that he was very surprised when eating Peruvians: “It’s very tasty”

According to the pictures shared on the platform, the young Venezuelan woman admitted that – unlike Venezuela – people in our country usually choose the prey they want to eat, which was not the norm for her.

Subsequently, this curious expression went viral on social networks and netizens did not miss the opportunity to write hundreds of hilarious messages about it.

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