Viral TikTok | Pitbull imitates cat growling and purring on social media: “How cute” | Viral video

Users were moved by what the dog was doing. Photo: Composite LR/ TikTok/ @flormillarengo

A touching video shared on social networks drew more than a sigh from TikTok users. It’s about a Puppy The pitbull breed growls Cato before its owner. The scene caught the attention of many China stage.

Why does the dog follow the cat? It contains The clip went viral One is asked Women He asked his pet, “How did the cat get your teeth?” Hearing that, the dog started growling. Only the owner laughs, the furry one not stopping to show his fangs.

Los Netizens They had different reactions after seeing it The subject is audiovisual And don’t hesitate to comment. Some mentioned that they wanted to see the cat, while others said only that the tenderloin, even if it wanted to be ugly, was cute.

“How wonderful”“Animals are the cutest little things in the world”, “What a beauty”, “Her little face is trying to make a bad face but her eyes can’t”, “Little thing”, “What a cute dog” , “Little thing” , some comments were.

He Video Shared by @flormillarengo, over 12 million views, 10,700 reactions, thousands of comments and shares so far. No doubt the dog is a sensation Asian Social Network.

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