Viral TikTok | The Peruvian graduated in international business, decided to immigrate and today works as an employee in the United States | USA | Peru | Video | Viral video

The young woman wanted to fulfill her American dream. Photo: Mix LR/TikTok/@pattymezaenusa | TikTok

When you are a student, many ideas go through your head. Becoming a better worker in your own business or workplace. However, sometimes these dreams do not come true for many reasons. Such is the case with a woman who graduated in 2006 as an international business executive, made many plans, and left everything behind to immigrate to the United States. Here’s what happened in this TikTok note.

He graduated from college and had many plans

As he said Grandma Mesa, on her account @pattymezaenusa, graduated from university 17 years ago. He had many projects in mind, such as owning his own export company, but the economic situation was not good. That’s why, he left all his dreams in Peru and decided to take his life journey and settle in North America.

He traveled America Currently working in a restaurant looking for a better future. As seen in the post, the woman works in a food company with other Latin Americans, and as described in her messages, she is doing everything possible to save and open her own business.

After watching the clip, users were quick to post their comments, with many congratulating him for fighting for his dreams far from his homeland.

Users left encouraging messages

“You earn more in another country than working in your home country”, “I have a stable office job, but it’s true that things are not good in Peru”, “Peru has not been good for 30 years, the salary is pathetic”, “If plan A doesn’t work, we go to plan B, if necessary , Going to Plan C”, “Let’s go all out Grandma”, were some of the reactions to the Tiktok release.

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How much does a maid earn in USA?

In the US, an employee can Earn an average of US$2.13 per hour. Including tips, the BLS estimates that earnings increase to $13.95.

Employees in the United States. Photo: Univision

What are the best places to work as a freelancer in the US?

Salaries of employees vary depending on the city they work in. There are some restaurants located in the tourist area, so their workers are well paid. Below we mention a few:

  • Hawaii
  • Washington
  • NY
  • Arizona.

What functions does an employee perform in the United States?

According to the BLS, an employee America You must do the following:

  • Welcome customers, show the menu and explain the daily specials.
  • Answer questions about the menu.
  • Take food or beverage orders from diners.
  • Send orders to the kitchen staff.
  • Bring plates of food and drinks from the kitchen to each customer’s table.
  • Prepare checks and receive payments for each customer’s consumption.
  • Remove plates and glasses from tables and clean up after diners leave.

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