Viral Video | “It’s like a different era”: Amazed youth shows what cinema is like in Cuba | Viral

Viral Video |  “It’s like a different era”: Amazed youth shows what cinema is like in Cuba |  Viral

A young woman used social networks to show that she went to a Cuban cinema. The stunning pictures, like those from an old movie, have left netizens speechless. Check out the post.

In the video, the woman can be seen identified on TikTok Matryoshka (@matrioshkacubana), located first at the entrance to the complex. There, you can find movies available on billboards printed in black and white and pasted on a board.

After selecting the tab, the user and her partner pay 3 cents each for their tickets and appear at home. The place has a large room where there are many wooden chairs available for the audience and a projector that can be used to watch movies.

It is a Cuban cinema

The clip has gone viral with more than 2 million views and, as expected, generated awe-inspiring comments among users.

“It’s like a weird time”; “I’ve never felt so grateful”; “Aha like a time machine”; “Looks like they’re filming you at school”; People wrote, “Oh baby how small it is. Unfortunately, those who have everything appreciate nothing”; “It’s like time has stopped there.”

What is happening in Cuba?

According to Human Rights Watch, the Cuban government has repressed and punished any form of public criticism and dissent. In turn, Cubans continue to experience a severe economic crisis that affects their social and economic rights.

In July 2021, thousands of Cubans took to the streets to take part in historic demonstrations against longstanding restrictions on rights in the country, shortages of food and medicine, and the government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic. The government responded with brutal repression.

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How much does a cinema cost in Cuba?

To enter a movie theater in Cuba, you have to take into account that the 2D projection rooms in most theaters are 5 cups. On the other hand, activities on 3D screens cost 15 CUP for children under 12, and 25 CUP for adults who go to the ticket office, the newspaper said. .

Currently there are about 19 theaters in Cuba, after the industry was abandoned in the country after the revolution; Initially, you can visit 600 stores across the country. This last data contrasts with the data shown in 1919, as there were more than 42 theaters in Havana and nearly 300 across the country.

What is the minimum wage in Cuba?

For the most representative and common trades in Cuba, the salary is estimated at 400 to 2,100 Cuban pesos, that is, from 17 to 87 dollars; This indicates a devaluation and appreciation of your currency.

In fact, the country has the worst minimum wage in Latin America, along with Argentina, Colombia and Venezuela, according to a ranking prepared by a specialized website.


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