Viral Video | They open a secret room that Grandma has kept closed for 20 years and discover something disturbing Viral

Grandma told them that her house hid a room that had been closed for over 20 years and when they decided to open it, they were speechless at what they found and it scared them more than they expected. The experience was shared on TikTokwhere is he It didn’t take long for the invention to go viral..

Dayanne Flores (@dayanneflorsa) A couple of viral clips have been shared that show them removing some furniture, and then we see an old wooden door that is firmly sealed shut: “According to my grandmother, we had to open this room which was closed for more than 20 years”.

The next thing a A boy in a blue polo shirt pulls the rope leading out the doorAfter that a kind of seals are opened from its bottom: “This is my great-grandmother’s room. It was closed when she died and never opened again.”Tells the story of the mysterious room.

Watch the viral video here

Soon, we see the man trying to pull the rope, Push the locked door: “It was tied inside and couldn’t be opened”.

In the following video, the subject is still struggling with how to get into the sealed chamber: “The tie was cut and the door had to be forced open because the key was there.”This done, he started upon it to force the opening; First attempt is enough to get it. They smile as they reach their destination, bit by bit, The The door reveals what was hidden in the room.

A terrifying discovery

What they found shocked them, as the place was filled with an ale No Catholic filmsIt filled the atmosphere with a strange light. “There were so many religious things inside, so many things piled up”.

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But opening a hidden room isn’t just out of curiosity. Dayanne He tells us his intentions: “It’s a place that’s going to be rebuilt, so we’re going to take it down a little at a time.”.

“Sometimes grandparents are the most suspicious people who can keep things at the family’s expense. Treasures, their love memories, gadgets, from other generations.A netizen’s comment resonates.

They think it’s “fake”.

“I can’t believe they haven’t opened that room before”, “20 years so clean with no dust. Ok fake”, “No dust makes me suspicious”, “20 years unopened, no cobwebs, clean. I don’t think so”, “Haven’t those religious figures fallen down because of the tremors of recent years? To me, they have already opened it.”There were some opinions of many unbelievers.

“It’s unbelievable that people believe in superstitions, sometimes grandparents are very religious…however their ghostly figures catch my attention”, One user said completely ironically.

“On old things… your family must have had a funny family tree”Another person answered.

“As long as there’s devilish rituals going on, it’s all good.. How many more secrets does this grandmother have.” Another user said.

What are religious figures called?

We can also call religious figures ‘cult or sacred figures’, which is a better way of calling religious art that has been preserved over the years. Many of these images represent monuments and deities, supernatural beings, or figures of a purely religious nature that are worshipped.

In particular, religions may call their images sculptural or pictorial, and in addition, the representation of images common to Judaism and Islam (aniconism), which is not followed in Christianity, is prohibited.

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What do you say to statues of saints?

Statues or statues of saints are called ‘revoltos’ or collections. These pieces are usually made of wood and may have an amorphous portrait; We call the latter altars according to the medium

Indeed, some of these artistic examples are considered ‘miracle pictures’; Some of them are dedicated to worship, which is why they are considered sacred objects in many religions.

Which is the oldest religious statue in the world?

Shikir sculpture or Shikir statue can be defined as one of the documented fragments The oldest in the world because it was made in the Mesolithic period; After the last ice age.

In fact, the wood from which these sculptures were carved in Russia dates back approximately 12,000 years; These are on display at the Sverdlovsk Regional Museum of Local Lore in Yekaterinburg.

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