Visa for Mexico: how long the procedure lasts, the cost of the procedure and whether it is necessary to stop

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The Mexican government is releasing new details and information about visa requirements starting this month. Saturday 20 Aprilfor that Peruvian citizens wishing to enter their territory.

Since the announcement last Friday, April 6, little has been known about it till date. Only the requirements to obtain it, the visas that can be processed and the citizens who wish to obtain it are known.

In the absence of this information, on the morning of Monday the 8th, there was confusion outside Embassy of Mexico located in LimaIn a place where a dozen people have gathered, they do not understand how to carry out relevant procedures.

Dozens of Peruvians lined up outside the Mexican embassy. – Credit: Video Capture / Channel N

Chief of Political Affairs of the Mexican Embassy in Peru, Adolfo CepedaThe Peruvian explained to the people because his country had chosen this course of action Irregular immigrationExpressed in the increase of nationals arriving with the sole purpose of entering Mexico America.

For this reason, visa is presented as a solution because they can know Reasons why visitors want to visit Mexico. At the same time, the Aztec nation highlighted the possibility To protect the human rights of irregular migrantsSo that they don't fall prey to criminal gangs Human trafficking or organized crime.

Along these lines, Zepeda said The visa requirement for Peruvians is temporary Each determined time will be analyzed and evaluated by the Mexican government.

“Thus regularize this phenomenon of irregular migration that we are facing, through an open and direct dialogue. Together with the Peruvian authorities, if we create cooperation that will allow us to reduce this number, this measure will eventually be eliminated,” he told the media.

On the other hand, the person in charge of political affairs at the Mexican Embassy in Peru explained that the visa process takes one day and costs between 52 and 53 dollars. Also, it takes 72 hours to issue the respective visa.

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The official noted that those traveling to other countries but stopping in Mexico must also process tourist visas.

“As of today, we are already taking nominations and all attention is personal,” the Mexican representative announced.

The Mexican Embassy does not grant extensions for Peruvians (RPP) visa requirements

said a representative of Mexico The date set by the administration of President Manuel López Obrador will be respected and no extension of any kind will be granted.

“There is no extension to the implementation of this measure. We are accelerating and increasing our operational capacity to meet these demands,” he said.

Cépeda Soria said they are trying not to harm Peruvian citizens who have already bought plane tickets to visit the Aztec lands starting April 20. They will be prioritized.

“In the first phase, we are serving all those who have already purchased flight tickets. “That is our priority at this moment of attention,” the foreign official said.

As for the second phase, he said there will be a second phase for Peruvians who have travel plans to the North American country to get a visa to Mexico.

“In the second phase, everyone who has travel plans to Mexico. We understand and address that need with the level of activity of this embassy,” he said.

According to the provisions of the published agreement, a “significant increase” of Peruvians entering Mexican territory without a visa to carry out activities other than tourism was detected.

“Part of this situation is reflected in the immigration filters, whose profile does not match the profile of the real visitor or tourist and there are discrepancies in their documents or information, which reinforces the possibility that a significant number of people will use the elimination . . visa irregular”, the document stated.

According to the reform organization, between 2021 and 2023, approximately 144,000 Peruvians who tried to cross the border illegally into the United States were detained, and 35,833 were unable to enter the country due to inconsistencies. While justifying their journey, 7 thousand 53 people appeared before National Agency for Migration (INM) does not prove that you are a legal resident

  1. Completed visa application form.
  2. Passport (original and true copy).
  3. Color photograph of front face (4.0 X 4.5), white background, without glass, matte finish, should be pasted at the place indicated in the form.
  4. If you are not from Peru, a printed immigration card or Andean Virtual Migration Card will prove legal residency.
  5. Demonstrate financial solvency with at least one of the following:
  • Last 6 months and/or original bank cover letter and bank statement;
  • Original employment certificate with date of joining the company and monthly income for last 6 months (PLAME) and/or;
  • Proof of ownership of real estate and proof of employment with date of entry or document evidencing ownership or participation in a company or business.
  • Tourist Entry Ticket Stay less than 180 days for tourism or business without any remuneration. This includes if you are only passing through Mexico.
  • Visa on invitation Stay less than 180 days at the invitation of a company or institution without receiving any remuneration.
  • Study Visa In a Mexican educational institution, less than 180 days, without receiving any pay.
  • Visa for Ministers of Worship or Missionaries To carry out protected activities by a religious organization duly registered with the Ministry of Home Affairs.
  • Temporary residence visa due to employment To work with an employer in Mexico who has already processed your work permit at the National Immigration Agency.
  • Temporary Student Residence Visa Study in a Mexican educational institution for no more than 180 days.
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