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He Visual challenge On this occasion I bring you a classic that you may have tried to solve as a child. It’s about finding three differences between two charts that are nearly identical. While testing our visual acuity, some users can resist this hobby that provides a break from daily stress.

Despite its apparent simplicity, this challenge turns out to be more complex than one might imagine. The difficulty is in the time limit: you only have 9 seconds to identify three differences between the two vignettes, which I’ll show you below.

However, before you enter Today’s visual challenge, if you can pass the test, it is important to highlight the rule that you must follow before winning the medal, I already told you, it is not easy. To avoid spending too much time looking at charts, start the stopwatch with a 9-second countdown. However, if you can’t find the differences in that time, you can extend it a bit. Ready to get started? So, start your stopwatch at the count of three, two, one… GO!

Visual challenge image

Visual Challenge | You have a high IQ if you can spot 3 differences between a basket of radishes in just 9 seconds. | the sun

Can you understand the answer? Do not be in a hurry as this is a simple task. Even if the 9 seconds have passed, you can continue to try, although you must remember that the challenge is not yet won.

A solution to a visual challenge

Can you understand the challenge? Congratulations if you found the solution. This Visual challenge It is not among the simple ones. However, if you find it elusive, don’t worry. Anyway, now you can share it with your friends and see if they can solve it.

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Visual Challenge | Here are the differences circled in red. | the sun

If you enjoy today’s visual challenge and want to challenge your mind and vision more, I cordially invite you to visit regularly. Stay tuned for my updates and new challenges and feel free to share your achievements and experiences with me. Your participation is what makes our community special, and I hope to continue to surprise you with new and interesting content.

What is a virus challenge?

A virus challenge is a great option for those who have free time and want to entertain themselves by testing themselves. These consist of finding animals, people, objects or numbers in a picture, so you have to look closely to find the solution to the puzzle.

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