vivo showcases its advances in research and development of 6G technology in the field of communication – Business Empresary

vivo showcases its advances in research and development of 6G technology in the field of communication – Business Empresary

Commercial Empire.- Vivo Communications Research Institute unveiled its latest achievements in 6G connectivity at its conference “The 6G Era Approaches”. To this end, it published three papers in which it presents its key findings in depth: “Integration of AI and Communications”, “Integrated Communication and Detection Technologies” and “6G Network Architecture”.

The event marked the launch of several prototypes developed by vivo using key technologies for next-generation mobile communication standards, providing a glimpse into how 6G will shape consumer experience and lifestyle.

Since 2020, vivo Communications Research Institute has been actively conducting extensive research on 6G, as detailed in its three previously published white papers: “Digital Life 2030+”, “6G Vision, Demands and Challenges” and “6G Services, Capabilities and Enabling Technologies. ”.

“At Vivo, we believe that technology should serve our consumers and enrich their lives in meaningful ways. This philosophy drives us to explore new frontiers from a consumer-centric perspective,” said Qin Fei, President, Vivo Communications Research Institute. The series of white papers we are releasing today, “Explores key concepts and technologies that we believe will help shape the 6G user experience, including artificial intelligence and sensing technologies. Potential,” Qin Fei concluded.

In this sense, vivo, the leader in the global smartphone market, announces its main innovations from three fronts:

Integration of AI and Communications

Communication systems are evolving to meet the demands for high throughput, low latency, high reliability and a large number of connections. To this end, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been identified as one of the foundational technologies for 6G, capable of providing significant solutions.

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“AI can help solve many challenges of the 6G communication system, support the advancement of communication technology, improve signal transmission and improve network connectivity, thereby providing stable and smooth network connections to our consumers anytime, anywhere,” said Sun Peng. Vivo Communications Research Broadcasting and technology in the company.

In addition, vivo 6G also introduced AI system, which is important in ensuring data privacy and security.

Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC)

The integration of sensing and communication technologies in 6G is expected to play an important role in many scenarios such as industrial automation, smart healthcare, smart transportation, storage and logistics and more. Jiang Daji, director of 6G at vivo Communications Research Institute, presented the company’s position on key ISAC technologies, including signal and waveform design, multi-band joint sensing, multi-antenna ISAC systems, integrated multipoint (CoMP) for ISAC and link adaptation.

“ISAC technology will impact the way people interact with the digital world and can play an important role in various scenarios such as healthcare, intelligent transportation and industrial automation. A 6G system powered by sensing capabilities will increase convenience for consumers in the future,” said Jiang Daji.

6G network architecture

The design of the 6G network architecture is critical to effectively integrate communication, artificial intelligence and sensing technologies to meet the expected 6G service requirements. At the event, vivo’s 6G expert Yuan Yannan shared the design principles of vivo’s 6G network architecture and provided an overview of the overall system architecture and key technologies.

Thanks to several key technologies such as AI-enabled networking, near-zero IoT, 6G satellite-integrated network and integration of mobile networks and computing, vivo believes that the 6G era will open up huge new opportunities. With the advent of cutting-edge technologies, mobile users can overcome the limitations of their hardware to play high-quality online games, interact with virtual humans in 3D, and enjoy augmented reality (XR) experiences anywhere. And at any time.

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Finally, 6G connectivity will create extraordinary opportunities for the communication industry in the future. vivo’s vision for 6G is to create a freely connected physical and digital world, and the company is working with industry partners around the world to make this vision a reality.


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