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The post-pandemic era focused on technology. In matters of influence it was not only a tool but also a form of expression. It moved between minimalism and maximalism in the post-prison era, focusing on once-insignificant everyday details such as 24/7 digitally projected imagery, colors, silhouettes and textures limited to indoor use.

Thus, not only clothing, but also space and fixtures, had to express the consumer’s identity. Three years later, standardized practice with increasingly specialized locations. But in the fashion and tech industry, with the vast majority of consumers having multiple preferences and knowing more about designers on their home continent than anyone else, with different access and visions, change is essential.

Therefore, using light colors, transparent but non-aggressive, technology companies created their own research in regions with a strong identity, such as Latin America, which was able to confirm its own cluster worldwide. They have even teamed up with trend companies to show exposure where there was only a monopoly.

It happened with Motorola and its cell phone for the year with the Edge 40, Pantone Peach Fuzz color. A wonderful option in the sea of ​​blues dominating the market. Honor, for its part, has presented the Magic 6 Lite in an innovative orange color with sustainable leather, blurring the barriers between boundaries on an aesthetic and technical level, presenting the cell phone as an essential fashion accessory.

Of course, this extends to other gadgets. Huawei has its free clips, like the cuffs that dominate Latin American fashion styles (for example, from Cubel). Not counting their smartwatches. But if we talk about a research focused on the region, the Vivo V30 Lite focuses on the most decisive aspects of Latin origin and history to release its cell phone in rose gold and blue version. Create an exercise that can create more with a changing mood of colors and feelings (to highlight that pop of color amid the harsh coolness of the new Y2K).

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For this reason, Nueva Mujer spoke with Angelica Nieves, Vivo’s public relations manager.

How do you decide on gold as the color that defines not only this year’s trend, but also the identification with LATAM?

Vivo has several research and development centers around the world. Although the company was born in China, today research centers have already expanded to the United States, San Diego, California, India and Indonesia. Likewise, we have some laboratories, one of which is in Shenzhen.

10 designers from these labs went on a 10-month trip to several countries, including Colombia, Chile, Ecuador, Peru and Mexico, to study the best colors of each local culture.

That’s where rose gold was born, and eventually they had nearly 100 color options.

And, how do they achieve this? He also told us that we collected it for the fruits of certain regions, or for certain fruits, for certain sand colors, for certain deserts, for certain flowers, and because they are recurring colors in architecture. of these countries.

So, they had almost 100 color options, and they saw that it was a crossover color in Latin American culture.

Beyond color: waterfall, water and of course: how to mediate between aesthetics and practicality in the camera?

The researchers examined changes in brightness, hue, and saturation. That’s how they got there. In addition, the material is anti-reflective fluorite glass, which means that if you remove the case, you can touch it and there will never be fingerprints.

It also has metal edges. Why were they made like this? Because it was an inspiration in high-end watches and exclusive perfume bottles. So, all this is once again aesthetic, but durable. If a person drops it, it will not break immediately unless it is a strong blow.

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The other thing is that this fluoride also prevents scratches on the glass case. If you don’t have a case and drive your nail through it, Well, it won’t be marked, it won’t scratch, and it’s resistant to water, dust, and more.

Additionally, this cell phone has that feature which is unique and exclusive in the market and it is the theme of light aura or integrated light ring. Because a cell phone from any other brand is just a regular flash, a shot of light. Additionally, it has at least three LEDs. A conventional flash has only one LED.

So, if one takes photographs even in the darkest environment, those paintings are always in the studio.

There are more accessible materials, colors, usage patterns that blur the boundaries of cell phones. How did you manage to blur these barriers?

This cell phone is part of the B30 range, which is an upper mid range.

Therefore, we are precisely looking for these cell phones to keep balance not only in design, but also in camera, battery and everything that integrates, because they are of no use to us. Very nice cell phones, but the battery does not last. You’ll experience it live and you’ll know you can play it for hours and it won’t download. So, it’s a beautiful cell phone, but it’s also a cell phone with an incredible camera.

Also, this B series is based on the 20th century art movement Bauhaus style, which already has a lot of influence on design, which has three pillars: practicality, functionality and purity. And it combines art, craftsmanship and technology to produce products in a pure manner and without excessive embellishment.

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So, whether it’s a rose gold or, for example, the blue of the B30 is an ocean blue, those tones or those waves, these are very clean, very clean designs that don’t overwhelm the person’s vision.

Finally, how did you realize that a cell phone is not just a cell phone, for some it is another accessory and it should reflect their style and personality?

In fact, a large amount of research has been done in all Latin American countries, European and Asian countries, and there are two basic complaints people have about cell phones.

Firstly, the battery runs out very quickly, and secondly, photos in dark settings are not beautiful, you always have to put an additional light, ring light or turn on the light.

So, we decided to collect these concerns or these big problems that people have and turn them into a solution. Likewise, we changed everything with the theme of lightPeople don’t have to have everything to take a good photo anymore, but we want to solve the problem and give people a better experience on one device.


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