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He pointed out – specifically – the second floor; In an apartment with access to two people, he prepared his food but also carried out errands, according to a June 13 confidential log. Trade.

But Vladimir Cheron wasn’t the only one. She informed the agent that ‘Mila’ was also there

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Ceron was not found, and only Bendezu was transferred the same day – by plane – to Lima and placed at the disposal of the Seventh National Product Trial Court presided over by Judge Jorge Chávez Tamariz. The magistrate ordered him to be jailed and currently, he is being held at Aukalama Jail (Hural), according to sources in this newspaper.

Huancayo, Saturday, June 15, 2024. Jose Eduardo Pendezu Guadara, accused of being part of Los Tinaticos del Centro, was arrested by police officers in Huancayo.  (Photo: Adrian Zorrilla/@photo.gec)

Huancayo, Saturday, June 15, 2024. Jose Eduardo Pendezu Guadara, accused of being part of Los Tinaticos del Centro, was arrested by police officers in Huancayo. (Photo: Adrian Zorrilla/@photo.gec)

/ Adrian Sorilla

“Order the imprisonment of the accused José Eduardo Pendezu Gutarra for 36 months in the Penal Institution established by the INPE, to be counted from the date of his detention (June 15, 2024) and ending on June 14, 2027”He reads a resolution in which he agrees Trade.

Pendesu is an important part because, according to the prosecutor’s office, he would have been part of a conspiracy to smuggle Los Tinmaticos del Centro certificates, whose illegal money would have entered the Peru Libre campaign, which brought Pedro Castillo to the presidency. Republic.

In October 2021, the Seventh Circuit Court granted 36 months of pretrial detention against him, as well as others associated with the criminal organization. The order was quashed by the High Court in November that year. However, the Supreme Court, after a case raised by the government, restored the first order.

For Public Ministry, Pendesu Gutara will be there “Member of the criminal organization led by Vladimir Cheron Rojas.” Because when he served as Regional Transport Director “It sought the continuity and permanence of other members of the organization for employment in job positions directly and indirectly connected with the processing and issuance of driver’s licenses.”.

“With the consent and acquiescence of other members and collaborators of the organization alleged to have had full knowledge of the illegal activities being conducted in office, like the person under investigation.” The court document states.

proof’s Trade They highlighted the importance of information gathered in June to track down at least one fugitive. It is not clear whether Cheron was able to escape as a warning of the court order or whether he had previously moved elsewhere. Although they noted that they had been ordered to wait for police teams to arrive from Lima, this represented an operational delay.

– Cheron was –

PNP Anti-Corruption Directorate (Dircocor) chief PNP Gen. Luis Lira Limo confirmed in an interview. Trade June’s former governor, who fled that day, is confirmed to be on the property. “As far as can be seen, [todo] Yes, indicating that it was”He noted.

According to Lira, there had been intelligence for about a month — and through different sources, as he noted — that the two characters were together in Huancayo. Why together? It is not known. They will have been in intermittent fasting for at least a week before surgery. Earlier reports pointed to El Tambo district and Jouja as possible locations.

“We’re working precisely, ruling out where they might be and where they might not be.” […] Until we are sure they are there. And when we check [por inteligencia] Pendesu was at the scene, so we went in for intervention.”He pointed out.

Lira also confirmed that since the court order was only for property search, no items were seized. The newspaper’s sources say Pentesz is not only in touch with Ceron, but also with relatives of the ex-governor who is still on the run.


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