Volkswagen is betting on ChatGPT technology for its cars

Volkswagen is betting on ChatGPT technology for its cars
  • Volkswagen becomes the first automaker to integrate ChatGPT into its vehicles on a large scale.

  • This technology has the potential to change the way people drive and interact with their cars.

  • The rollout of Volkswagen’s Serens Sat Pro will expand in the US later this year and include new features.

Volkswagen has taken an important step towards the future of driving with the integration of conversational artificial intelligence technology ChatGPT in their vehicles. This innovative feature will allow drivers to interact with their cars in a more natural and intuitive way using natural language.

ChatGPT is characterized by an artificial intelligence system developed by OpenAI that is based on natural language processing to create human and efficient conversations. The system is designed to understand and respond to questions and requests in natural language, just like a conversation between two people. ChatGPT can adapt to different situations and contexts to provide accurate and useful responses to users.

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Serens And Volkswagen declared Their collaboration was the first time to introduce these new AI-powered generative enhancements to the IDA in-car assistant at CES 2024 earlier this year.

Volkswagen is developing Serens Chat Pro to enable customers across Europe to engage in fun, conversational conversations with the car’s voice assistant, and ChatGPT uses multiple resources, including a large language model, to provide reliable and relevant answers to all questions.

As mentioned, Cerence Chat Pro is integrated with Volkswagen’s IDA voice assistant, which uses a hybrid approach to provide seamless communication between vehicle command and control functions integrated into the car’s head unit, as well as access to cloud-based content and real-time web-based information.

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Currently, Cerence Chat Pro is available in five languages ​​(also English, German, Spanish and Czech) on Volkswagen Group models, including: Volkswagen, Cupra, Seat and Skoda, which use the IDA voice assistant. This includes all new Volkswagen IDs. Models include the updated Golf, new Tiguan and new Passat, as well as legacy models.

It should be noted that this strategy is currently only intended for Europe, which is related to the languages ​​in which the functionality is available.

“Volkswagen has a long tradition of democratizing technologies. As a high-volume manufacturer, we make these technologies accessible to a large number of people. By seamlessly integrating ChatGPT into the backend of our voice assistant, we now offer drivers the opportunity to use this artificial intelligence on a daily basis, underscoring how innovative our products are.” ,” said Volkswagen executive board member responsible for brand development Volkswagen report .

The integration of ChatGPT in Volkswagen vehicles represents a significant improvement in user experience. With simple voice commands, drivers can perform various tasks without taking their eyes off the road, thus improving safety and comfort during the journey.

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