“We have too much technology, too little humanity”: an old man in front of an ATM tells a story on Twitter

“We have too much technology, too little humanity”: an old man in front of an ATM tells a story on Twitter


Another one of X’s viral stories on Twitter has us reeling

A group of cadenadial.com A rescuer from social networks in general X -Formerly Twitter- Some life experiences and stories that users want to share. They cause debate, reflection and self-criticism in a society that is hostile to the most vulnerable.

That is what this story shares @pedrinmatita1 And it gets posted and commented on a lot because it perfectly reflects the harsh reality of our aging population. Technology And the little empathy shown by companies and society makes it difficult for them to avoid that digital wall in their daily lives.

Another Twitter story worth sharing.

“Maybe a guy over 80 is waiting in line at an ATM, and I’m standing behind him, and when he gets in, he pulls out an envelope that I assume has money in it.

I observe him from a safe distance and realize that he is inoperable. He touched the screen several times and I assume he didn’t achieve what he intended. He returned to the queue, which has already increased.

He looks at me, I was behind him, and I understand in one gesture that he is asking me for help. I immediately offer it to him and the man gives a timid nod, “Please.” I will help you with my love to carry out your administration but by telling you where to click where to go… I don’t want to touch one of your bills out of respect and because I don’t want to. There will be confusion with money. He wants to make a deposit… I tell him how to do it.

The person, at his own pace, enters the amount to be deposited and completes the process as I tell him where to touch to settle it. He finishes, we leave the cashier for the next person to pass, he thanks me… I don’t worry, it was nice, and before leaving, he puts his hand in his jacket pocket, pulls out a wallet and hands me a ten euro bill.

I can’t believe it, I’m surprised, I tell them, please. The poor man tells me… He wants to thank me and eat breakfast for his health. I thank you, but under no circumstances am I going to accept it. He saved it and thanked me again, and I thanked him. We said our goodbyes and I feel sorry for this man and for all the elders (I think our parents and grandparents who built our country) who stood up for themselves in the face of this monster. Technology, every time it turns us into human beings without soul or compassion.

This terrible picture is happening in banks, but also in medical care, the treasury, social security, city councils… those who have contributed their whole lives to providing services that are inaccessible because of technological difficulties. It costs nothing to serve them and make their lives a little easier. How sad, so sad, that they don’t care about these people who have given everything to make us so technologically advanced; However, now, when we need them most, we disappear.

What they are doing is shameful. We have a lot of technology and we don’t have humanity. Dehumanizes us. The government should take immediate action. “You can’t hate people like this who have been customers of these banks all their lives.”

The story of the old man in front of the ATM went viral on Twitter

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“People who have been customers of these banks all their lives cannot be insulted like this” A user who shared this moving story on the networks exclaims:


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