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Waiting at airports can be confusing, especially if you have to wait for hours to catch your flight. In the middle of your stay, Thomas Miller chose to install a small security camera with his suitcase to see “what to do at the airport.”. What have you discovered along the way? These films captivated him and thousands of passengers.

Through your account @The passenger showed his briefcase the entire journey before arriving at the disembarkation lounge: “Time to find out what the airport is doing with my suitcase”The video has garnered him nearly 1 million likes and hundreds of comments, wishing they had used this kind of surveillance technique before.

He showed me how big the airport was

In his video, Thomas gives an account of all the places he’s visited as he straddles the shipping strap of his suitcase. The final destination is the large room at the airport where your suitcase or other luggage is kept.

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In fact, some employees kept your item, but only for ethical purposes. Later it came to light that the TSA (Transportation Safety Administration) the airline submits the baggage to the passenger’s pass-through review before the baggage is picked up; with respective documents.

Finally, the baggage camera showed how suitcases are manually loaded onto airplanes, which, in reality, is often a cumbersome task, Thomas says.

It’s better that nothing happens. Thank you!”, “What a fun adventure”, “I knew what to expect, but I wanted more ‘drama’”, “I assumed something bad was going to happen, but I’m still satisfied”, some comments from the trip. In fact, some mentioned the confrontation in ‘Toy Story 2’, in which Woody and his friends rescue Jessie inside the airport.

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“It’s a simple case, because sometimes suitcases end up in faraway places. I wish I’d seen that!” One person said.

“This is perfect, especially if you suspect rogue employees are stealing items.”Another netizen said this.

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