What happens to your body if you eat almonds every day of the year?

Experts advise to take a small handle Almonds Until today. Especially, in between 10 and 20 almonds Depending on the daily activity carried out. You can take them mid-morning Snack Or at any other time of the day, but the truth is, if you get into the habit of doing this routine, your body will thank you. If you are not yet aware of the many benefits these nuts have for your body, read on. Below we summarize Properties of almonds And the best way to take them.

Benefits of eating almonds daily

Almond meal Very nutritious And what they give us Proteins, monounsaturated fatty acids, unsaturated fatty acids, fiber, calcium and vitamins. Among the many benefits of eating almonds daily, we are going to highlight five of them.

Control your cholesterol levels

Eating a small amount of almonds every day can keep blood levels under control. Cholesterol in the blood.

Benefits of consuming almonds daily for your body. Pixabe

Take care of your heart

These nuts are very fertile AntioxidantsSo they are perfect for taking care of your cardiovascular health and preventing heart disease.

They are rich in fiber

Almonds contain significant amounts Fiber So its consumption can help improve your gut health and avoid constipation.

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Helps in weight loss

Although almonds are very high-calorie foods (576 kcal per 100 grams), they can Helps in weight loss. This food is very satisfying and gives you vitamins and energy.

Improve skin appearance

Almonds are rich in magnesium and its consumption will help in creating more collagen, which will be noticed soon Your skin will be very radiant.

Consuming almonds daily improves the appearance of the skin. A woman uses a cream mask at home

Best way to eat almonds

The best way to consume almonds on a daily basis is to take them naturally. Choose unroasted or toasted almonds and definitely unsalted. It is better to consume them at two different times of the day.

Almonds have many benefits for the body. Pixabe

Lunch and snacks may be the best times to consume these foods. You can carry them in your bag and consume them before or after a workout at the gym or if you go for a walk and need an extra boost of energy.

How many almonds should be consumed daily?

Although almonds have many benefits for our body, it is not recommended to abuse them. The dose recommended by experts varies from 10 to 20 units.

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