What is known about the FONAVI 2023 return and who will collect it? | Answers

What is known about the FONAVI 2023 return and who will collect it?  |  Answers

Check out the latest update Fonavi. Read the latest news on refunds for contributors after approval by the Republican Congress here. When will it be paid? What is required to make the measure official? In the following article, we provide you with a general and current overview of the topic and what is known about the potential payment.

What do you know about Fonavi’s return?

During a plenary session, the Republican Congress approved a provision amending Act 29625. Fonavi, which will benefit contributing workers and provide partial refunds against later cancellations. Additionally, recognize the right of contributing workers to have their money returned to their heirs in the event of death.

There were 110 votes in favor of the initiative, zero against and one abstention. She was acquitted by a second vote. It should be noted that this is supported by bills 696/2021 and 4702/2022.

Now, the publication of the regulations is expected in the official newspaper El Peruano. Luis Luzuriaga, Rep Phonavistas He indicated that it will become official on October 15.

Meanwhile, Rosangella Barbarán Reyes of Fuerza Popular and the President of the Economic, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence Commission, to implement this measure, Article 4 of Law 29625, Law on Repatriation. Fonavi to the workers who have contributed thereto, and Article 4-A is annexed.

About the return of Fonavi

The Congressional Economic Commission The legislative proposal was approved. Fonavi.

It should be recalled that the Provisional Commission approved on Thursday, August 3, the terms for the initiation of payments in accordance with the latest ruling of the Constitutional Court (TC); It is now expected to be published as a Supreme Decree in the official newspaper El Peruano.

The initiative, approved by the majority, seeks to provide liquidity to former contributors “thus allowing for the improvement of the conditions for the development of the population.” Therefore, the opinion states that the ad hoc commission responsible for withdrawing Fonavi is authorized to make payments on account through a “certificate of authorization of payment on account”. It is detailed that the acceptance of a larger contribution amount in each individual account will not prevent it from being later credited by other appropriate means.

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The Administrator considered observing this amount, subject to determination of the aggregate amount related to each Fonavista, in consideration of the payment to the Autograph Account. However, this can be difficult to determine. “Determining the total amount to be reimbursed to Fonavi will further delay the achievement of the objectives of Law No. 29625, as there are serious difficulties in obtaining information on the monetary contributions made by Fonavis in favor of Fonavi,” reads the administrative document.

Who will be the first to withdraw from Fonavi?

According to Diario El Peruano, Article 4 of Law 29625, the law for refunds to workers who contributed FONAVI money will be modified and Article 4 -A will be added.

This means that the beneficiaries of this benefit will be the workers who contributed to FONAVI and their heirs in case of death.

In addition, “preference should be given to those over sixty-five years of age, those registered with the National Council for the Integration of Persons with Disabilities (gonadis) and those with a serious or critical illness.” , whether they be owners or heirs.”

In withdrawing Fonavi authorized by Congress

The Republican Congress has approved the concept of a bill that seeks to replace Act 29625, known as the Refund to Workers Contributing from the National Housing Fund (FONAV) Act. This change will allow partial withdrawal of funds, which will be charged for future cancellations. In addition, the new rule recognizes the right of return to heirs in the event of the death of the contributing worker.

Approval of the rule was 110 votes in favor, none against and one abstention. The initiative was based on bills 696/2021 and 4702/2022 and was released in the second vote.

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Congresswoman Rosenkella Barbaran Reyes, member of Fuerza Popular and head of the Commission on Economy, Banking, Finance and Financial Intelligence, explained that the measure replaces Article 4 of Law 29625 and adds Article 4-A. The first article authorizes the right to refund, and the next creates a temporary authority responsible for applying the procedures and processes necessary to comply with the provisions of articles 2 and 3 of Law 29625.

The inclusion of a temporary commission is essential because it will facilitate the use of the necessary procedures and give priority to those over sixty-five years of age, those registered with the National Council for the Integration of Persons with disabilities (gonadis) and those suffering from serious or terminal illness, owners and heirs.

There are sources of payment for Fonavistas

In the announcement Minister of Economy and Finance, Alex ContrerasHe recalled that the financial budget for 2023 has already earmarked funds for the Fonavistas, who have been fighting for years to get their money back, so that progress can be made in this fee according to the availability of the budget. Without prejudice to other measures promoted by MEF.

“In the case FonaviThey have informed me that there are some legal issues and I am going to coordinate and at least be able to do what is already budgeted, which is S/50 million, the same. Fonavi It has about S/1.6 billion in resources with which it can meet at least the first payments. Coming to my office, I am going to call the representative of the commission Fonavi Let me know about the current situation and look into this possible solution,” he explained.

In response, Congressman Carlos Anderson asked the members of the ad hoc commission representing Minister Contreras to withdraw the money. MEF This is a hindrance to the progress of the claim Phonavistas.

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“The Temporary Commission, was established three months ago, but every day they find more reasons why nothing happens with regard to Act 31173 and 31454, which are laws mandated by Congress and precisely recognize the right of Fonavistas to pay as much as possible. soon. From the point of view of economic policy, there is nothing wiser than complying with the debt commitment and transferring resources to a sector that we know is mostly poor and what they get will be reinvested in the cycles of the economy. ,” said the Congressman AndersonThe minister reaffirmed that there is a budget for that.

What is Fonavi?

He FonaviAlso known as National Housing Fund, by the Government of Francisco Morales Bermudez on June 30, 1979 Decree Law No. 22591 was a fund of the Peruvian Republic that sought to provide loans to people to build or buy houses. It was in force from June 1, 1979 till its dissolution on August 31, 1998.

This fund provided benefits to citizens who made monthly contributions and was not a tax. Between 1985 and 1992, 13 billion feet were collected, and between 1992 and 1998, 6 billion were collected. Figures prior to those dates could not be calculated due to a fire at the Banco de la Nación in 2000, in which many documents were lost. This money was used for power construction.

In 1998 it was renamed the Extraordinary Solidarity Tax and in 2004 the fund was abolished due to irregularities in its statistics.

In 2008, the leadership of the Council of Ministers set up a multi-sectoral commission to investigate what happened to the money. Fonavi. Between 1979 and 1998, the money that disappeared was estimated to have reached 10 billion.

A lot Phonavistas They came out to demand their money back, which, due to legal grounds, must be returned if used for other purposes.


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