What is Medellin’s science, technology and innovation policy?

What is Medellin’s science, technology and innovation policy?

He The Council of Medellin approved the Innovation Policy for Science, Technology, and Sustainability on Friday last week.It will be the blueprint for the economic development of the city in the coming years and it is in line with the creation of the District of Medellin.

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This public policy should seek government, private sector, academics, citizens and international cooperation Encourage new economic activity in the city based on CTiTo improve the quality of life of all Medallions.

The draft agreement, which It received 20 upvotes and one downvote., there were more than 20 versions in which amendments proposed by councilors were recorded. During its processing, the document went from 78 to 43 articles.

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“It was three years of work and more than 4,000 people participated in different organizations. This allows the city to have something very important and to have a direction for the next 10 years, which is an important objective within the framework of what is happening in the world.“, explained Mauricio Valencia, Secretary of Economic Development, in an interview with EL TIEMPO.

Details of the contract

Establishes policy formulation A science, technology and innovation fund This will allow funding strategies to promote the sector and Creation of an advisory body For specialized decision-making involving the participation of experts, universities, private companies, metropolitan area and local administrative boards.

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What the district administration is looking for It is the articulation of different disciplines and thus the technology ecosystem is encouraged Builds alliances and businesses to support social, economic, environmental and cultural development.

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Some of the incentives expected to be generated from public policy are support for entrepreneurs and new businesses with seed capital, training of people in software valley centers, stimulation of digital transformation for companies, development of research. and knowledge generation.

“These conditions Let us all move in the same direction To achieve sustainable development of the city as defined by the name of the policy”, the Secretary noted.

It is expected that The regulation of the contract will be adopted by the Mayor of Medellin’s office in the coming months Conducts meetings and meetings with the community to define specific programs and projects.

To make the CTi Fund for Sustainability a reality, The administration will present a draft agreement in July This will define some of its specific features, including the financing mechanism.

“Organic law establishes that finance It consists of 1 percent of general revenue and 5 percent of business and trade tax.. There is also an opportunity to establish a brand that supports innovation. These three concepts could exceed the 80,000 million pesos to be allocated to science, technology and innovation next year,” explained Valencia.

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In the midst of an election season, the current administration believes so Politics is key input to candidates’ government plans To occupy the post of mayor of Medellin, its guidelines will be included in the next development plan.

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Route N Corporation As a technical artist will play an important role in politics Within the CTi sector of the city. Secretary Valencia indicated that his work will focus on 4 dimensions, for which the company is undertaking strategic planning aligned with this vision.

Some questions about politics

The only negative vote was on the draft agreement It came from Dora Saltarriaga, councilor of the feminist movement We Are Ready. During the session, the corporation pointed out that the plan did not reflect the city’s surroundings.

“The governance model leaves many voices in the city. We continue to emphasize that it is very interesting that we are a science, technology and innovation district. But for what?, will it be for the social majority?, will it be for some sectors?Saldarriaga raised the question during a plenary session of the House.

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According to the councillor, the plan should have taken into account concrete measures to close social gaps in rural sectors, women and those who lack the necessary training to be part of the CTi sector. “The transformative innovation, social engagement and governance model is still lacking. If we don’t show pechas, we are going to leave a lot of people out,” the corporation pointed out.

When questioned about these concerns, Secretary Valencia said the policy takes into account a gender approach and a chapter for rural areas and farmers. “We will have clear strategies to close the gaps,” he said.

Sebastian Carvajal Bolivar

Weather Reporter – Medellin

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